Thoth through Debbie Summers


Today I wish to talk about life. Life to you is your physical body. Many of you don’t realise that it is just a vehicle for your spirit or soul. When you die, your spirit lives on in what you call the spirit world, which is what we call normality. Your scientists have correctly worked out that energy never dies that it has to go somewhere. Your body is made up of energy. When you die that energy has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the spirit world or heaven.

Heaven is made up of 7 levels. There are levels of experience or ‘holiness’. People stay on each level in heaven or on Earth (or indeed on any other planet) until they reach the standard required of the next level. Some souls learn faster than others do, but we hope that every spirit will eventually work their way all the way up the heavenly ladder.

The first level is for those who are very primitive, those who haven’t learnt that violence is wrong, and those who see no wrong in killing others, particularly mass murderers. They will stay there until they learn remorse.

The second level is those who have learnt that killing are wrong. They still manipulate people for their own ends though; they steal and cause trouble. Again, they will stay at this level until they are remorseful.

The third level is for the ‘average’ spirit. They have learnt the basic lessons that murder and stealing is wrong. They are starting to learn lessons on the equality of the human race; that men and women, black and white, fat or thin, in fact, everyone is equal.

The fourth level has learnt the equality lesson. They are working with spirit in this lifetime. They are beginning to see the unseen. More and more people are reaching this level in this generation and we are very pleased with them.

The fifth level work with angels and ascended masters on a daily basis. They are in constant contact with the Almighty and his helpers. Again, there are many more people moving up to this level than ever before.

The sixth level are the helpers of God. They are angels, ascended masters and those with a pure heart. These souls can choose to be incarnated on Earth, or other planets, to help the inhabitants move forward spiritually. Many are doing this as there is programmed a huge leap forward, which will happen very soon.

The seventh level is God, the Almighty, Universal Energy, the Godhead, (or whatever you are comfortable in calling him/her). It is not important what name you use.

It is good to see so many of you are on levels 4 and 5. This is raising the light quotient all over the universe, but especially on Earth. Unfortunately, light attracts dark and those still on level 1 and 2 are rebelling against you. This kind of act is, and will continue to be, on the increase until light overcomes darkness. This time will come in 2012 when earth enters the 4th dimension.