through Jay Atkinson (Solomon Speaks) 11th May 2010

Scalar wave movement is not like anything you have ever experienced. It really is boldly going where no man has gone before. I came across this process whilst researching something entirely different on the Internet today. And I drew a deep gasping breath when I found it, because this stuff was what I was waiting to hear about.

The more you break down the old patterns of thinking and leap into the unknown of the Eternal Now, you will be aiding and assisting the Planet in her ascension process. She is currently experiencing the breaking up of energy and the transmutation and transformation of the old, ready to prepare the ground for the new. We are all being encouraged to think outside the box, break up the rules and make new ones and we are seeing the breakdown of old energy patterns and old ways in the same way we might witness a Supernova. Every energy form in the Omniverse is subject to this transformative and transmutational process. When energy is just about at its zenith, it brightens, expands rapidly and then explodes or implodes upon itself. And we are left with the Zero Point field of that particular energy. Zero Point. Nothing and everything at one and the same time.

It is no surprise that scalar energy is evidenced in VOLCANIC PUMICE. What is going on here? On Planet Earth right now, we are being literally grounded (stopped in our tracks) by VOLCANIC ASH from Icelandic volcanic eruptions, and Iceland is indeed acting as our birth mother and midwife. Her gentle feminine energy is pulsing through the very core of the planet and breathing out clouds of FAIRY DUST! In the fusion of glacial melt water and volcanic ash, the creation is of fine particles of scalar wave energy. On the gentle breath of the Earth as she breathes in and out, is the mist of creation. New creation. There is not an atom of life in this space time reality we call Earth that will be untouched by this amazing energy because everything on the planet including the planet herself is experiencing shifting and changing processes. When a system or belief no longer serves the Higher Purpose, it (as with all things) has a shelf life. Although all is eternal, the way in which energy performs and processes itself is mutable. In other words, when an energy form has come to the end of its purpose – to cause contrast either for the positive or the negative, it is ready to be recycled (that is the simple way of putting it!)  

These are the times of Making up your Own Reality. This Scalar energy helps us to do just that.

We were not ready for it before now. The human race had, largely, disconnected from Source and thus the split (sometimes referred to as the Fall from Grace) occurred. The more disconnected the human being from his Source, the wider the gap, the denser the veils and the denser the energy surrounding the thinking and operating of those on the planet. In this way, when miracles did occur and those enlightened beings occasionally brought new technology to the planet, they were ridiculed, ruined, castigated, mistrusted and even killed. Tesla suffered this, and so did Jesus and many others whose energy vibration was operating on a much faster rate than the energy vibration of many on the planet. When we see a miracle, such as a crop circle, we question it. Because we don’t understand the technology that produces these amazing patterns without damage to the actual plants of the crops, we prod and poke and question and attack and defend. Rarely do we simply ACCEPT. 

I believe that crop circles are more than portals or vortices of energy. I believe they are forming the pattern of a new blueprint for the planet. This blueprint is encoded with new DNA activation codes, and other quantum cellular level information. All those who are drawn to crop circles are those who are aware at a deeper level of their being, of their place in the bigger picture. And of course, they are ridiculed as being ‘away with the fairies’ by the mainstream ‘head energy’ people! Bless them. Crop circles are evidence of this ‘Star Trek’ technology we call Scalar Technology. Up to now, the general consensus seems to be that crop circles are Extra Terrestrial, and are portals or vortices or whatever. It is my considered feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before manifestation can occur, whether you are manifesting a box of chocolates or a new world, the vibration of thought is sent out in to the ethers. The manifestation occurs instantly. But then, as with all things, a journey of lining up with begins. It is entirely possible to manifest instantly, anything at all. However, when you are talking about bigger manifestations, there are billions of other factors that are brought into play… this need not concern you now, but suffice to say that with a crop circle, for instance, the process of creation and manifestation has already begun. The imprint of the blueprint is visible before other manifested parts of the whole appear. It is not a lot different to the conception and birth process of human beings… only much, much bigger!

Because Scalar waves move in every perceivable direction known to man, and in some ways unknown to man as yet, they are able to transmute and transform and change things in a way that is not destructive to the creation process. Most things on your planet have to be smashed and broken and bent and misshapen during in the creative process. In order to build something, something else has to be broken, in other words. For example, to get stone from a quarry, you use explosives or some other such devices to blast your way into the rock face. The new technology is not like this. It is very much gentler and works in harmony with all. Scalar energy will transform how the creative process moves forward. Scalar waves are the building blocks of transmutation and instant manifestation and creation at its very best.

I questioned why I hadn’t been able to know about this before. As a translator of Source Energy, I wondered why I didn’t know everything!  Even though this energy form has been around for a long, long time, it has only just come to my notice. I believe this is because of my own evolutionary process. I wasn’t ready before. I am now more consciously aware of my ability to deliberately co-create my life, moment by moment, and the more I become aware of and utilise this energy, the broader my perspective becomes. In fact, the more I know of me, the more I know of me. I am an ever expanding energy being, and the more expansive I become, the more I can contain and absorb. I also believe that we have to align our energy with the energy vibration of other things in order to integrate new stuff into our energy field. When I speak to my lovely people in gatherings and seminars, I impart the level of wisdom I have attained vibrationally. I cannot impart the knowledge and wisdom of a place I have not reached myself. It would be like going to another country and expecting to speak the language instantly. This is possible, by some, but not me! I am still expanding and growing and learning my craft! 

However, it is not enough to simply know about something. We can be very ‘knowledgable’ about much, without Knowing anything. We can read books but we don’t become them. In other words, in order to include it in your vibration, you have to be a match to it. So the old saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’ supports my feelings because until you are ready, vibrationally, you cannot know that which is beyond your knowing. And what that means is, when you have brought yourself into alignment with your Inner Being and your Source (broader perspective, infinite wisdom part of you) by paying attention to how you feel and by moving only in the direction of those processes that support your happiness, joy and growth, you will have aligned with the technology of the ‘future’.  Cleaning up your act, as the planet is doing right now, will disturb and unsettle things, but when the dust has settled, a new blueprint for humanity, and thus the Cosmos, will be in operation. 

The way is being cleared for a magnificent new way of life and living. 

All that was before is being undone, and now is the stuff of miracles. You will not need banks (old energy, breaking up as we speak) because your vibrational escrow is so vast you need never want for anything ever again. You simply include it in your vibration, and align with the scalar wave energy (done in a thought, no process necessary) and what you need will be delivered to you in ways you can not imagine.

Manifestations will occur daily, as you learn to ask, and then line up with what you want. Anything is possible and anything can happen, IF YOU LET IT!

So, break all those rules. Make new ones that entirely suit you. Teachers will appear like stars in the sky for those who are ready to learn. Cast off the past, and step into the Now, and create your perfect tomorrow, step by step by step, trusting in the process.