by Guy Needler

As with most spiritualists I have, from a very young age, had a feeling that I was more substantial than my physical self. Having the ability to think out of the box, to offer suggestions or explanations for physics beyond physicality, comments that would have been considered pure science fiction or fantasy, i.e. that that is not of the current level of human understanding, was common place in my youth. As a result there was a certain amount of playful ridicule offered by my colleagues at school. I was considered strange, distant and weird. That was until one year, I was able to explain Newton’s Inverse Square law theory of universal planetary movement (gravitation) to my Physics teacher, a feat that even he struggled with, and to top it off I commented on the “fact” (not fact then) that we could weigh light! My teacher told me that I was both a genius and an idiot in one sentence. Then about a year later it was announced that Scientists had identified light as a particle, the photon, and that it had mass and therefore weight (this is still a bone of contention today!). How could I know such things, things that were on the cutting edge of science, or, were hard to explain with current levels of human understanding? Specifically when I had no training or experience to base my comments on, comments that were made on subjects where I instinctively knew the answers, answers to questions that had not yet been asked. I was, I now know, channelling the information from the universal pool of knowledge that is available to us all, if only we would allow ourselves the time to use our natural abilities, abilities that the vast majority of mankind brush aside in the rush to function and survive in modern physical life. I was communicating with the Source.
I, like all of us here on earth, have a number of evolutionary experiences to go through before embarking on the larger world task I signed up for. So nearly thirty five years passed before my attention turned back onto the greater reality. That required training from a number of spiritual teachers to “de-program” me from the physical and re-awaken me to the greater reality. This, augmented by my interest in the deeper meaning of the universe and my work as an engineer, has allowed me to act as a channel for the creator of our universe/multiverse, the Source Entity. It therefore makes complete sense that the information I am receiving has a scientific/engineering base to work from. Along with this, I gain general advice on how to live life in the physical without being attracted to the intoxicating sensations of the physicals lower frequencies, which ultimately result in personal frequency reduction.

So let’s take a closer look at ourselves. We are spiritual beings, no, we are energetic beings. The words spirit/spiritual are a fashionable description that can miss-lead the un-educated into thinking that spiritualism is a “higher” form of religion, it is NOT religion. “Spirit” actually refers to the non-corporeal essence of a being or entity, that that has sentience but cannot be seen or detected by the human senses, augmented by machinery or not. Being “spiritual” is the recognition of this. Corporeal life is something we choose to undertake to allow us to have experiences in the lowest of frequencies possible to an energetic being. To do this properly we need a vehicle and the vehicle chosen for this planet and frequency is what we recognize as the human body, but it comes with a price. That price is the loss of communication with that part of us, the majority, that remains in the energetic. The loss of communication has two reasons. Firstly, we adopt to work on experiences without the benefit of existing in an environment where time does not exist, allowing us to know the outcome of our actions before we act upon them. Secondly, we simply don’t have the “band width” whilst we are associated with the lower frequencies of the physical to communicate robustly enough with that part of us that remains in the energetic to make any sense.

As energetic beings we are not constrained by the physicality of the universe we reside in, but we are constrained by the physics of that universal environment. By constrained I mean that we are created by a higher entity, the Source Entity, to exist within a series of dimensions and frequencies that start with a physical projection, our physical universe and the other universes that occupy the multiversal environment, and end in pure Source Entity essence. The Source Entity created us, as it in-turn was created by the Origin, for one purpose, to experience and evolve in every way we can. In doing so the Source Entity also experiences and evolves.

You may have guessed from the last sentence that there is a hierarchy to all this, and you would be correct to think so. Although the environment, we as energetic beings exist within, is one that has been created by the Source Entity, the Source Entity is but one of twelve such entities created by the Origin, the creator of all. Even though the Origin is the pinnacle of energy, frequency and dimension given sentience, it took some time for it to recognize this and become self aware. The Source Entity explains:

SE: Once the Origin became self aware it experimented with the energies, frequencies and dimensions that made it up. As it experimented further, it established that the only way to truly experience its “self” in the fullest capacity was to do this in parallel. To support this desire the Origin created the Source Entities to enable it to experience and evolve at an accelerated pace equal to a multiple of the entities it created. The Source Entities being created by the division of itself into two halves, itself and an environment kept within itself for it to create and sustain twelve entities of equal proportion, each given the same energetic content and opportunity to become self aware. As the Source Entities became self aware and gained sentience they were made aware of the reason for their creation, to experience, evolve and pass this on to the Origin for its own evolution.
This resulted in their own strategies being played out, and, our own Source Entity creating the environment that we as mankind and billions upon billions of other similar energetic entities exist within. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the Sources evolution and therefore the Origins. That is what we are here for, that is why we strive to experience that which is the hardest to experience, life at the lowest frequencies possible. In doing so the Source has created a universe that contains a level of physicality, with galaxies, star systems and planets, each with their own roles to play in maintaining the integrity of this environment as an optimal evolutionary experience, each responsible to the Source.

Everything about our environment can and is explainable by using physics. Although this is certainly very true for that part of the universe that projects into the physical frequencies, it is also true to a general extent in the energetic frequencies and dimensions. I guess that my being an engineer is one of the reasons I chose to be a channel for the Source and its desire to help lift this universe out of the lower frequencies, as most of what I receive is explained in physics and engineering terms.

To explain the physics of the energetic realms, spirit, we need to have a level understanding of physics that is not yet available to mankind. However, it is starting to be understood by our scientists that the physical, low frequency projections, are but a minute part of the make-up of the universe we are currently working with. We can of course work within any of the universes in the multiverse, but where we are now is providing most of the evolutionary acceleration for ourselves, the Source Entity and the Origin.

A change is due however. We need to move onwards and upwards for we are becoming infatuated with the sensations the physical gives us and are loosing our own base frequency as a result. The effort to increase our frequencies back to our “norm” is gaining pace. Earth, the centre of physical excellence, the only physical planet to have inhabitants of free will to work with it, is the focal point for this change. It may be hard to believe, but this one small physical entity, along with us, is pivotal in the effort to lift the universe from the physical frequencies. That is why there is more and more of us becoming aware of our true role in the universe, to experience and evolve.