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cascadeofcreativity_240‘Author, poet and contributor to Paradigm Shift teachs authors how to channel their books’

Tom Evans has developed an innovative and unique course which is available on line for self-study or as a one or two day experiential workshop.  The course is a heady mix of science, art and metaphysics. It deals with the bane of writers everywhere, the dreaded writers’ block and it is also packed full of practical advice on the many ways to get published nowadays.

Tom says, “The techniques I use are equally relevant and useful for experienced channelers as well as people who have never consciously channeled. The common theme is to take ideas and inspirations from the cosmic mind and ground them into the physical plane of this reality.”

Tom teaches authors how to do Whole Brain Thinking by synchronising the right and left hemispheres and controlling the inner critic. He also introduces the concept of Whole Mind Thinking where the conscious, unconscious and higher self fuse together and connect with the higher consciousnesses.

Attendees of this year’s workshops said things like:

“I attended Tom’s course today expecting a course about the mechanics of writing. What I got was even better which was the mechanics of inspiration!” – Richard White

“Excellent balance of structure and creativity. Loads of practical info on how to write and get published.” – Jeni Hooper

Tom has also produced four excellent guided visualisations that take authors on explorations in their minds to past, present and the future.

As a gift to the readers of this blog, you can listen to one of the visualisations here – a Journey to the Akashic Records Office – do email Tom at to tell him what you find.

For details on the home study course

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by Kandi & Faith, Angelworks

It is no secret that the world is always in constant turmoil. Violence is committed in the name of hunger, greed, fear, and political and religious ideology. Both within and without, chaos rules our psyche and the world. Is peace of mind possible in such a troubled world?

Ever catch yourself seeing the same number over and over?

For instance, waking up in the middle of the night, and the clock reads 4:44. Then on your way to work, you notice the car in front of you has a license plate that ends with 444. Later during the day you get a note asking you to return a call, and the phone number contains 444.

Angels send us messages through music, on billboards, on license plates, in movies, through people around us, repetitive number sequences, and various other ways.

Numbers are one of the most common and fun ways to receive messages from our Angels. Once you start noticing how the Angels communicate, it’s a lot of fun!

This is called Angelic Numerology. It’s a way Angels send their messages through simple number codes. And every time we see these number codes, we are picking up the messages through our subconscious. The goal is to pick up these messages on a conscious level. Read the rest of this entry »

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