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by Ethan Indigo Smith

“There are three, but where is the fourth?”  Carl Jung

What’s in a number?  Only what we project and apply to that number some would say.  I would argue that numbers provide windows for comparative understanding of relationships or similarities, at least.

108, its symbolism and its origin, is of metaphysical intuition.  108 became a celebrated number through intuition or divination.  In Hinduism there are 108 names for every god.  And in Buddhism there are

108 paths to god, and in contrast 108 defilements or sins.  But these theological celebrations of 108 are just the tip of the theological iceberg.  Further, in Sanskrit there are 54 letters each with a masculine and feminine making 108.  In Chinese martial arts, acupressure as well as Indian fighting techniques there 108 main pressure points and numerous forms of tai chi have 108 movements.  The number is intrinsic in many traditions to the point the roots of its celebration are mysterious and too ancient to trace.

The divinity of 108 was never argued and its significance was adopted and transmuted or realized by all who came into its understanding.  More than likely 108 is rooted in India.  The ancient Hindu astrological system is based on lunar and solar cycles.  The lunar and solar cycles hold 108 as central, only through different calculations of time.  Astrology and astronomy are similar in that they look to space, but they are different subjects altogether.  Only the ancient Hindu astrological system correlates with modern astronomical observation.

The most amazing aspect of the number has only recently been scientifically revealed, directly correlating astrology with astronomy and suggesting intuitive understanding.  Its meaning was made scientifically wondrous validating the metaphysical number in theological, individual, astrological and celestial concepts.

We are flowing in an ecosystem flowing in solar system flowing in the universal system.  Individual life on Earth and the goddess of Mother Earth as the collective Gaia we are a part of all exists thanks to a unique relationship between our wet rock and the Sun and the Moon.  And this spherical balance is formed through a relationship based on the divine number of about 108.  The diameter of the Earth at the equator is 7926 miles.  The diameter of the Sun is about 108 times

that: about 865,000.  The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter: 93,020,000 miles.  The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 238,800 miles, about 108 times the moons diameter: 2180.  The relationship of the Sun, Earth and Moon provide for all life and moreover all consciousness on Earth.  And the size and distance between the familiar celestial objects are all in the divine proportion of about 108.  Through this astronomical, divine and miraculous positioning 108 is symbolic for celestial order and perfection.

The celestial relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth of which we as individuals are a part of is balanced in a ratio of around 108, the exact distances fluctuate during our spherical revolution.

So even though the Sun is about 400 times bigger than the Moon they appear the same size from here because of the ratio of 108.  And yet this knowledge was only specifically understood in totality recently during the 20th century.  But 108 was a celebrated number long before any specific knowledge of its cosmic astrological divinity was established beyond intuitive recognition astrological theory.

What’s in a number?  In 108 there is everything, just about.  It represents the divine trinity of time.  1 symbolizes the singularity of the present, 0 the nothingness of the past and 8 the infinity of the future.  This numerical symbolism alone is enough to make it interesting.  Whenever I see a set of three, I think of what fourth part it may suggest and what fourth part may be lacking, having written the Matrix of Four, the Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity, I know there are many such trinities.  Yet the trinity of time in 108, the present, past and future, appears complete, at least on initial inspection.

Yet the intuitive roots of 108, the intuitive recognition of 108 as a divine number before its scientific validation suggests the fourth part that the number suggests as well.  The fourth part is likely unsaid because it’s difficult to explain and was traditionally left unsaid for to speak it was to make it untrue or somehow taint it.

 The fourth unsaid aspect is the aspect of intuition, the fourth unsaid of 108, of the present, past, future, is that of timelessness.

The fourth aspect of time is timelessness and leads to intuition and intuitive understanding.  The fourth aspect of time is like the Akashic Field where all is revealed including the significance of 108.

108 is divine and originated in divination.  Through 108 our most powerful capability is suggested and revealed.  Being in the fourth state of timelessness, tapping into the Akashic Field or being in The Zone, lends us intuitive consciousness.  However tapping into the Akashic field and being in The Zone requires preparation and practice; hence tai chi, chi gung and yoga.  All of which simply attune and balance one for the ultimate preparation to glimpse timelessness; meditation.  For more on metaphysical intuition and 108 take a look at 108 Steps to Be in The Zone.

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By Stuart Morris

The Gift cd-rom was born out of a desperate need to give my son comfort to make him not feel as alone when I couldn’t be with him. At 15 years of age he went from a confident young man fit as a fiddle to one who deteriorated very quickly physically and emotionally to the point where he weighed 5st and hadn’t the energy to sit up.

We were back and forth to the hospital and eventually we had a diagnosis “Crohns disease” , a relief for the diagnosis and yet the beginning of a journey which in truth has become the most challenging in my life thus far, and I have had many challenges including being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26.

Up till that point in my life aged 26 I was a self employed builder laying a thousand bricks a day but in fact from that diagnosis of cancer began my own journey into complimentary therapies and eventually leading into a career in that arena and a yoga teacher for a very gentle form of yoga known as pranyama yoga.

So here I was, living proof that out of the worst moment in our lives their lies the seed of possibility the seed of growth and I could say it to those I have treated quite confidently until my son became chronically ill.

A friend of mine says with great wisdom “when these things happen in our lives it is the moment life asks us do we really believe what we say we believe” and in truth I could no longer say ‘out of your worst moment lies the seed of hope of greatness’ as I watched one of the most precious people in my life, my son deteriorate before my eyes.

I swept into holistic health practitioner mode and searched everywhere I could and before long used various herbs, natural antibiotics and dietary changes to pull him back from the brink of a serious operation and we have managed to do that several times since then. The real lesson here for me has been until that person wants to be healed, we can do nothing except support and nurture to the best of our ability, ultimately it has to come from within them and that can be frustrating and emotionally draining.

The Gift cd-rom was part of my journey with my son and began when one day I was holding him in my kitchen and inwardly asking “what do I do now? how do I help him?” and as I thought this desperate thought I heard from deep within me a affirmation which said with some clarity,

“Love is the only true healing balm apply it where necessary to oneself and others”


Love is the only true healing balm apply it where necessary, what a profound thing to be said and what a living truth and yet how?

Over the next three years I applied that principle to the best of my ability and still do to the point where my son has completed one year as trainee chef, the irony being that this will one day turn out to be his saving grace in any ways.

From those initial words came many such affirmations from the same source and over a period of time it seemed I had collected a philosophy from deep with me which contained a profound wisdom and one that if applied had the ability to not only comfort, soothe, inspire and give hope, but would ultimately heal all those that applied these principles in their life. (This included me)

The affirmations contained in The Gift cd-rom are based around those principles and various other influences that have come to me over that last 20 years including a unique breathing exercise which when practised eases the system into a totally relaxed state. Form that place of relaxation the onscreen affirmations and auditory affirmations based on the philosophy I have briefly introduced to you to here will permeate into your consciousness and you will begin to feel the changes from within.

There is something within The Gift cd-rom which is unwritten it is this something that is changing the lives of those that are listening to it on a regular basis. In truth, my concern was that those that listened would not hear it. Yet the feedback I have had eases my concerns and listed below are a few samples of the testimonials reported back to me, this confirms to me The Gift holds within it, medicine of a spiritual nature.

“All the affirmations found within the gift, I use daily and truly believe that ‘a healing has begun’. I no longer live in a world full of anxiety and panic, but one of peace, love and relaxation….the gift has begun my journey into the future, where I now have energy to achieve my full potential. ‘I am no longer alone’ Thank you”

“As I worked with the ‘The Gift’, I could feel the tension in my body dissolve, and a great sense of warmth and peace suffuse my body as I relaxed into my chair.

“Stuart sees the answer to many of our health issues as being ‘Love. The only true healing balm’, and through experiencing The Gift, you can appreciate why.”

 “The Gift cd has been an empowering tool to enable me to heal on many levels”

 “I would say that my life has definitely changed for the better from regularly listening to the gift”

“I found the gift to be amazing! I was feeling very stressed and anxious generally in my day to day life, and had not found a really effective way to relax, until I tried The Gift”.

 “I would recommend The Gift to anyone who feels that they need to relieve tension and anxiety, or to just find a way to be able to wind down and relax, if used regularly it will have a positive impact on your life”.

“I also feel that The Gift has accelerated my healing. I’m much more forgiving and I tend to live more in the moment rather than focusing on my past fears. My husband died when I was just 30 years old and I think I was living too much in the past. I now embrace the day”

To read these and many more please take a look at my website where you can download The Gift cd rom directly

by Robina Hearle

Reconnecting to your inner child, what does this mean? Why do I need to do this, and who is this inner child anyway? And what has Never Never Land got to do with it?

Your Inner child is a part of you, a real being. A fragment of your soul. The part of you that first consciously evolves from in the womb until six years of age. This child during this time experiences the world, and forms from these experiences her/his emotional pattern for life. This is the most important time in a person’s emotional development, because what happens now lays down behaviour patterns for life, good and bad. It would be fair to say the Inner child is the real you, the innocent beautiful, angelic being that you came in as.

So why do I need to reconnect? Well you might not have to, but just need to acknowledge his or her existence and strengthen the bond.

If you need to reconnect it’s because the energetic connection has been severed and this fragment of your soul has been lost. This loss of connection occurs because of serious emotional, physical or mental which has occurred in the first six years of life (including the time in the womb) and the Inner Cchild has chosen to flee.

These children flee to the Cave or Never Never land. This place is very real, J.M Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and the lost and neglected boys is in part true, children do escape to another plane of existence, remember we are talking about a soul fragment not a physical being. This soul fragment, this child, may stay in the cave for the whole of our live’s if we do not make an attempt to heal our emotional issues, traumas and pain.

My sister and I help people reconnect with their Inner Child and we have met many people who know there is a part of themselves missing and don’t know what to do. We have also met people who have completely blanked out their childhood because it is too painful to go there. Others have known they have left whilst in the womb. Some people do not ‘do fun’, do not know how to play , be in joy, have wonder, and have no concept of their child-like qualities which are an essential part of our ability to experience the world. We have also met people who have a poor range of emotions.

Emotional energy in the form of trauma, issues and long-held pain is held in your cellular memory and therefore it is in your tissues. This energy when it is not dealt with continues to grow as you experience your issues in different ways through the years, eventually this energy can begin to cause cellular change leading to dis-ease. If your emotional pattern begins in childhood then this is where you need to begin the healing process. This may be an energetic reconnection to your inner child through healing energy and the use of appropriate flower essences, or it may be just a strengthening of your connection and to begin work on childhood issues that surface.

Personal and spiritual growth comes about by years of cleansing issues and healing. Facing you emotional baggage is one of the hardest things to do; your issues begin here in childhood. You may not consciously want to gain spiritual growth but to simply be happy and have fun but know there is a block somewhere. To reconnect with your Inner child or strengthen your connection is the beginning of a healing journey which will eventually help you find out who you are.

Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard. Inner child Healing facilitators.

by Robina Hearle

I have had the privilege of seeing a Deva; this has enabled me to teach others by way of this story.

I was driving home one day after visiting my sister Sue, musing to myself that it was about time we held a workshop. The subject that seemed so obvious was The Healing of the Inner Child as we constantly talked to our respective clients about the importance of this issue. (We both work as Reiki Masters and Spiritual Healers facilitating others to heal themselves) I made a mental note of my thoughts to tell her, needless to say I forgot about it.

Two weeks after that drive during a nights sleep I had the most vivid dream. Sue and I were back in the bungalow that we had grown up in, as I looked around in the dream Sue was curled up asleep, and suddenly there right in front of my face was a little girl. I was only aware of her face, she had coppery, very curly hair that framed her wide, pale freckly face, and her eyes were almond shaped, green and set wide apart. The skin on her cheeks really drew my attention it was mottled blue, red and yellow and these colours all blended. The little girl stayed in front of me until I had drunk in every detail of her looks, she made sure I would not forget her. I then woke up and could still see her in my minds eye. Read the rest of this entry »

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