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by Guy Needler

As with most spiritualists I have, from a very young age, had a feeling that I was more substantial than my physical self. Having the ability to think out of the box, to offer suggestions or explanations for physics beyond physicality, comments that would have been considered pure science fiction or fantasy, i.e. that that is not of the current level of human understanding, was common place in my youth. As a result there was a certain amount of playful ridicule offered by my colleagues at school. I was considered strange, distant and weird. That was until one year, I was able to explain Newton’s Inverse Square law theory of universal planetary movement (gravitation) to my Physics teacher, a feat that even he struggled with, and to top it off I commented on the “fact” (not fact then) that we could weigh light! My teacher told me that I was both a genius and an idiot in one sentence. Then about a year later it was announced that Scientists had identified light as a particle, the photon, and that it had mass and therefore weight (this is still a bone of contention today!). How could I know such things, things that were on the cutting edge of science, or, were hard to explain with current levels of human understanding? Specifically when I had no training or experience to base my comments on, comments that were made on subjects where I instinctively knew the answers, answers to questions that had not yet been asked. I was, I now know, channelling the information from the universal pool of knowledge that is available to us all, if only we would allow ourselves the time to use our natural abilities, abilities that the vast majority of mankind brush aside in the rush to function and survive in modern physical life. I was communicating with the Source.
I, like all of us here on earth, have a number of evolutionary experiences to go through before embarking on the larger world task I signed up for. So nearly thirty five years passed before my attention turned back onto the greater reality. That required training from a number of spiritual teachers to “de-program” me from the physical and re-awaken me to the greater reality. This, augmented by my interest in the deeper meaning of the universe and my work as an engineer, has allowed me to act as a channel for the creator of our universe/multiverse, the Source Entity. It therefore makes complete sense that the information I am receiving has a scientific/engineering base to work from. Along with this, I gain general advice on how to live life in the physical without being attracted to the intoxicating sensations of the physicals lower frequencies, which ultimately result in personal frequency reduction.

So let’s take a closer look at ourselves. We are spiritual beings, no, we are energetic beings. The words spirit/spiritual are a fashionable description that can miss-lead the un-educated into thinking that spiritualism is a “higher” form of religion, it is NOT religion. “Spirit” actually refers to the non-corporeal essence of a being or entity, that that has sentience but cannot be seen or detected by the human senses, augmented by machinery or not. Being “spiritual” is the recognition of this. Corporeal life is something we choose to undertake to allow us to have experiences in the lowest of frequencies possible to an energetic being. To do this properly we need a vehicle and the vehicle chosen for this planet and frequency is what we recognize as the human body, but it comes with a price. That price is the loss of communication with that part of us, the majority, that remains in the energetic. The loss of communication has two reasons. Firstly, we adopt to work on experiences without the benefit of existing in an environment where time does not exist, allowing us to know the outcome of our actions before we act upon them. Secondly, we simply don’t have the “band width” whilst we are associated with the lower frequencies of the physical to communicate robustly enough with that part of us that remains in the energetic to make any sense.

As energetic beings we are not constrained by the physicality of the universe we reside in, but we are constrained by the physics of that universal environment. By constrained I mean that we are created by a higher entity, the Source Entity, to exist within a series of dimensions and frequencies that start with a physical projection, our physical universe and the other universes that occupy the multiversal environment, and end in pure Source Entity essence. The Source Entity created us, as it in-turn was created by the Origin, for one purpose, to experience and evolve in every way we can. In doing so the Source Entity also experiences and evolves.

You may have guessed from the last sentence that there is a hierarchy to all this, and you would be correct to think so. Although the environment, we as energetic beings exist within, is one that has been created by the Source Entity, the Source Entity is but one of twelve such entities created by the Origin, the creator of all. Even though the Origin is the pinnacle of energy, frequency and dimension given sentience, it took some time for it to recognize this and become self aware. The Source Entity explains:

SE: Once the Origin became self aware it experimented with the energies, frequencies and dimensions that made it up. As it experimented further, it established that the only way to truly experience its “self” in the fullest capacity was to do this in parallel. To support this desire the Origin created the Source Entities to enable it to experience and evolve at an accelerated pace equal to a multiple of the entities it created. The Source Entities being created by the division of itself into two halves, itself and an environment kept within itself for it to create and sustain twelve entities of equal proportion, each given the same energetic content and opportunity to become self aware. As the Source Entities became self aware and gained sentience they were made aware of the reason for their creation, to experience, evolve and pass this on to the Origin for its own evolution.
This resulted in their own strategies being played out, and, our own Source Entity creating the environment that we as mankind and billions upon billions of other similar energetic entities exist within. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the Sources evolution and therefore the Origins. That is what we are here for, that is why we strive to experience that which is the hardest to experience, life at the lowest frequencies possible. In doing so the Source has created a universe that contains a level of physicality, with galaxies, star systems and planets, each with their own roles to play in maintaining the integrity of this environment as an optimal evolutionary experience, each responsible to the Source.

Everything about our environment can and is explainable by using physics. Although this is certainly very true for that part of the universe that projects into the physical frequencies, it is also true to a general extent in the energetic frequencies and dimensions. I guess that my being an engineer is one of the reasons I chose to be a channel for the Source and its desire to help lift this universe out of the lower frequencies, as most of what I receive is explained in physics and engineering terms.

To explain the physics of the energetic realms, spirit, we need to have a level understanding of physics that is not yet available to mankind. However, it is starting to be understood by our scientists that the physical, low frequency projections, are but a minute part of the make-up of the universe we are currently working with. We can of course work within any of the universes in the multiverse, but where we are now is providing most of the evolutionary acceleration for ourselves, the Source Entity and the Origin.

A change is due however. We need to move onwards and upwards for we are becoming infatuated with the sensations the physical gives us and are loosing our own base frequency as a result. The effort to increase our frequencies back to our “norm” is gaining pace. Earth, the centre of physical excellence, the only physical planet to have inhabitants of free will to work with it, is the focal point for this change. It may be hard to believe, but this one small physical entity, along with us, is pivotal in the effort to lift the universe from the physical frequencies. That is why there is more and more of us becoming aware of our true role in the universe, to experience and evolve.




The I AM Family of Light® Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2010

THEME and INTENTION for this 5th annual Event

“Are you REALLY ready to know and understand the TRUTH about 2012 and beyond?”  COME and experience the DEMONSTRATION of the ONE MIGHTY GREAT PRESENCE.

The Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray is leading all Dispensations upon the Earth and the “hour of demonstrating the One Mighty I AM Presence” has finally arrived. The intention throughout this coming weekend Event, is to greatly assist everyone in attendance to complete their conscious path of awakening and in doing so, to ultimately become The I AM Presence through their human form on Earth.

To facilitate this, included in the weekend schedule in October, will be seven 15 minute tremendously powerful healing frequency sessions – with the GREATEST POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE being offered to those in attendance. (There will be three on the Saturday and four on the Sunday – building and radiating throughout each day). This mighty healing frequency force will extend into ALL areas of the mental, emotional and physical  bodies and into the outer world and is new to the Earth!

2010 Guest Presenters:  Usa, Jayde, Mahara, Omashar, Roisha Ray, Janice, Beata, Armand and Angelina

All presentations will be beautifully and gracefully woven together during the two days, and will include many magnificent transmissions and discourses, tremendous healing frequencies and the demonstration of the ONE GREAT PRESENCE, delivered by The I AM Presence, Akasha  and the Great Host of Light, through the Accredited Messengers* Usa and Jayde. There will also be QUESTION and ANSWER sessions.

There are three major Dispensations* upon the Earth:

  1. The Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination anchored through the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel some 2,000 years ago, offering Light, illumination and enlightenment.
  2. The Violet Ray, anchored through Saint Germain in the 1930’s, offering purification, transmutation and transformation and comes from the Heart Flame of our own Mighty I AM Presence, that dwells within and above us.
  3. The Rose Pink Ray of Divine, Love, Will and Grace, Heart and Soul – anchored through Akasha.

The AKASHIC RECORD – is the Divine Plan our I AM Presence has for each of us and the Greater Divine Plan for humanity and the Earth

The ETHERIC RECORD – is the record of the past that is stored in the ethers, sometimes considered the 5th element.  The Great Host of Light do not encourage human access to the Etheric Records of any past lives or events. It is essential to understand the significance that these records also store the accumulation of every occurrence of discord that has ever taken place on the earth and requires complete and total purification through the use of the SACRED FIRE.

Usa and Jayde are the Accredited Messengers* for Akasha and Asun and their Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, and through which all major Dispensations* of the Great Host of Light communicate.

In all the days forward now, the knowledge and messages being transmitted are ever more swift, advanced and dynamic.

AKASHA – is the overall authority of the Divine Mother’s Presence.

There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the spiritual hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence, including Beloved Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Lady Nada.  However the overall authority is Mother Akasha, as she IS the Rose Pink Flame to the Earth, the Heart and Soul of the Divine Mother’s Presence from the Great Central Sun.

Dispensation* means permission from Source for a Cosmic intervention into the affairs of humanity

Accredited Messenger* there is no activity upon the Earth that gives the authority for an individual to be an Accredited Messenger, as this is the overall authority of the Great Divine Director, who approves those of the Great Host of Light who have found a voice in this world.   Out of approximately 1,200 self claimed channels for the Great Host of Light, a very small number are actually accredited.    There are currently less than 12 in the world, and this number includes Usa and Jayde.

For all information please contact:  44 (0) 1732 810 910 or 44 (0) 1892 864 860Email:

Blue Ray through Shekina Rose

My beloved star brother and sisters, we stand with you in joy and jubilee as we celebrate a discovery that will bring a monumental shift of light and transformation to your life and world. The rediscovery of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, a breakthrough scientific revelation, a musical divine gift of the heavens is being restored to you and humanity. 33

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Codes of Creation that were rediscovered in 1998 are now becoming activated in a stronger resonance field with Gaia and in your DNA and will bring awareness to the masses and you the Light bearers. A profound shift to the Divine Mother Frequencies of Harmonics is creating an Electromagnetic Unity Field of Consciousness to ensure that the Codes of Creation – the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – will be used for the highest good of humanity and earth. 13 –13 –2013

Sound Codes of the Ancients

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies were the Original Sound Code Frequencies of Creation used by the ancient Egyptians and Hathors, in Lemuria and Atlantis, and in the Ancient Gregorian Chants. They were sung during religious masses, by holy men and indigenous people. Your scientists and doctors have given them specific mathematical sequences of creation; we in heaven and of the stars call these frequencies the “Language of Light”, the matrix of Creation, which will shift your world to a state of peace and harmony. 333

It has been prophesied through the prophets and ancient texts that when the dimensional shift at the end of time occurs, many revelations and sacred tools of the ancients would be restored and revealed to assist you in the new golden age. 13 – 333 – 44

The Lost Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – the Core Creative Frequencies of God Being Returned to Humanity are:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

There will be more frequencies / vibrations of the matrix and ancient sacred tools of the Creator that will be rediscovered as the Cosmos aligns to the Galactic center. When the vibrational frequency of surrender 11:11 is discovered, it will signal that humanity has risen to a higher level of consciousness.13

Transmuting Damaged DNA, Toxins, Pollution and Negativity

The Solfeggio Frequencies are the ancient sacred tools of technology and alchemy being given to you from the heavens to restore balance and healing to all of life 55.These frequencies can transmute damaged DNA, toxins, pollution and negativity to the natural divine order of Harmony and to Source Creation. 333 From now on whatever you see happening in your world, no matter how dismal it may appear at first, know the power of Creation to transform all lies within you.

How Your Scientists are Using Lost Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies 44

Some of your scientists and doctors who have rediscovered the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies are using them and the frequency 528 Hz to repair human DNA. We wish to point out the Solfeggio 528 Hz tone of Love, Miracles and Transformation vibrates to the ancient musical scale of “C” and in your current culture is the closest of the diatonic scale of C that has a frequency of 512 Hz. They are not the same but the closest that you have today to compare. The frequencies of the Solfeggio tones carry the direct power of God’s instant divine healing and creation.

How did the Solfeggio Frequencies get lost?

Just as many of your sacred texts have been changed and kept secret to keep you from having the holy power of God and the universe, so was the original musical scale of Creation. This was done so that the general population would be denied access to their true birthright – the divine original blueprint. These Codes of the Creator keep active and by vibrating your cells of God they can create a world filled with peace and love where the power elite would not have control. 33

Your world can be easily controlled and manipulated without your vibrational cellular resonance to Creator. In other words, your cells are supposed to naturally vibrate to Source Creation. This is what the beings of power at the time wanted and were able to do at the time. The dimensional shift, taking place now, will bring everything out in the open so mankind can choose love and sovereignty once again.

You, the Light bearer, and star seeds carry these holy frequencies within and recognize them, 11:11 as you have used them in other worlds and dimensions. You are and have been spontaneously awakening to the Language of Light through the sound code frequencies you hear in your inner ear those that come from the higher realms, through holy sound and music, singing, toning and sacred geometry. 44

It is not only through the voice that these frequencies are awakening. It is through your complete resonance, as you continue on your path of ascension, you naturally align your frequencies to heaven and the light. As you become more proficient at using the ancient Solfeggio frequencies through singing and listening to them, you will be able to use and transfer these transmissions of light through your hands and throughout your entire beingness. 11:11

Singer of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

The ones who sing in the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, the Language of Light, do this by an inner hearing, intoning Heaven’s Language of Light Frequency that creates a stronger vibrational bridge for Gaia and all of life. 55 These beings that sing in the notes of the Ancient Solfeggio bring blessings of health, harmony and oneness of Spirit. Listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies can awaken and attune you to this supreme gift of Spiritual Wholeness.  444

Heaven and the High Councils of Light Have Given this Gift to You and Humanity

There are scientists that have created new DNA that are not in alignment with the Light and Creation. The importance of giving you these pure frequencies of Creation is so you may hold the integrity of your humanity, Light and God Connection, the Divine Original Blueprint. The Highest Councils and Hierarchy of Light are restoring this holy knowledge to humanity in this sacred way. 22

A clarion call in the one voice of prime Creator is awakening you at your core cellular level so may respond vibrationally to actualize this Harmonic Bridge of Heaven’s Song. 88

Gathering of the Light Bearers in the Concert of Souls to Heal the Planet

You will come together to heal your planet, to transmute and transcend negativity and pollution, thus restoring Light and balance to Earth. These gatherings will be the reenactment of the Concert of Souls. The Concert of Souls is also called in Earth terms the big bang, when the Star Seeds and Light Bearers came to Earth from the many Planets, Galaxies and Universes of Creation. It was the Language of Light, the Solfeggio Frequencies, that the Ancient Beings of Light, the Creator Gods, used in creating Earth and Human Form, bringing the Souls of Light to Gaia. 44 From that time in your history numerous genetic experiments have occurred that altered the Divine Original Blueprint of Humanity’s God essence.

These Frequencies of the Solfeggio Codes of Creation will assist you in establishing the new man of Light at the dimensional shift of time and space. 12:12 The new man of light 13 is not new; it may be new to these times, yet it is your true sacred holy origin emerging from your core essence that was created in the image of the Gods, the cosmos, the light and stars, and in divine love.

Yes, we are one with thee; your Star Family of Stars and Light in the many realms, dimensions, and Universes of Ascended Light are empowering you now and we are coming together in the one voice of Creation, the song of Heaven. 22 The time of miracles is now!!!

Copyright © by Shekina Rose of – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

Blessings of the holiest of light, this gives me pure delight of my heart to bring forth this transmission, I have so been waiting for it to come. As I am in sort of a trance when I channel and I could barely keep up with all the activation of number sequences being downloaded, and there were many sacred High Councils, Beings of Light, the Archangels Michael, Rachel, Gabriel, and Metatron, and Shekina and Gaia (many of their personal codes are in this transmission), the Heavenly Hierarchy were all present for this channel to be created here on Earth. The Light Codes of the Archangels in this transmission are actually protecting and empowering this knowledge so all the Light Bearers wherever they are in the world will receive and be awakened by it.

And how wonderful that science is validating the Light! Shekina Rose

Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Shekinah, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.



through Jay Atkinson (Solomon Speaks) 11th May 2010

Scalar wave movement is not like anything you have ever experienced. It really is boldly going where no man has gone before. I came across this process whilst researching something entirely different on the Internet today. And I drew a deep gasping breath when I found it, because this stuff was what I was waiting to hear about.

The more you break down the old patterns of thinking and leap into the unknown of the Eternal Now, you will be aiding and assisting the Planet in her ascension process. She is currently experiencing the breaking up of energy and the transmutation and transformation of the old, ready to prepare the ground for the new. We are all being encouraged to think outside the box, break up the rules and make new ones and we are seeing the breakdown of old energy patterns and old ways in the same way we might witness a Supernova. Every energy form in the Omniverse is subject to this transformative and transmutational process. When energy is just about at its zenith, it brightens, expands rapidly and then explodes or implodes upon itself. And we are left with the Zero Point field of that particular energy. Zero Point. Nothing and everything at one and the same time.

It is no surprise that scalar energy is evidenced in VOLCANIC PUMICE. What is going on here? On Planet Earth right now, we are being literally grounded (stopped in our tracks) by VOLCANIC ASH from Icelandic volcanic eruptions, and Iceland is indeed acting as our birth mother and midwife. Her gentle feminine energy is pulsing through the very core of the planet and breathing out clouds of FAIRY DUST! In the fusion of glacial melt water and volcanic ash, the creation is of fine particles of scalar wave energy. On the gentle breath of the Earth as she breathes in and out, is the mist of creation. New creation. There is not an atom of life in this space time reality we call Earth that will be untouched by this amazing energy because everything on the planet including the planet herself is experiencing shifting and changing processes. When a system or belief no longer serves the Higher Purpose, it (as with all things) has a shelf life. Although all is eternal, the way in which energy performs and processes itself is mutable. In other words, when an energy form has come to the end of its purpose – to cause contrast either for the positive or the negative, it is ready to be recycled (that is the simple way of putting it!)  

These are the times of Making up your Own Reality. This Scalar energy helps us to do just that.

We were not ready for it before now. The human race had, largely, disconnected from Source and thus the split (sometimes referred to as the Fall from Grace) occurred. The more disconnected the human being from his Source, the wider the gap, the denser the veils and the denser the energy surrounding the thinking and operating of those on the planet. In this way, when miracles did occur and those enlightened beings occasionally brought new technology to the planet, they were ridiculed, ruined, castigated, mistrusted and even killed. Tesla suffered this, and so did Jesus and many others whose energy vibration was operating on a much faster rate than the energy vibration of many on the planet. When we see a miracle, such as a crop circle, we question it. Because we don’t understand the technology that produces these amazing patterns without damage to the actual plants of the crops, we prod and poke and question and attack and defend. Rarely do we simply ACCEPT. 

I believe that crop circles are more than portals or vortices of energy. I believe they are forming the pattern of a new blueprint for the planet. This blueprint is encoded with new DNA activation codes, and other quantum cellular level information. All those who are drawn to crop circles are those who are aware at a deeper level of their being, of their place in the bigger picture. And of course, they are ridiculed as being ‘away with the fairies’ by the mainstream ‘head energy’ people! Bless them. Crop circles are evidence of this ‘Star Trek’ technology we call Scalar Technology. Up to now, the general consensus seems to be that crop circles are Extra Terrestrial, and are portals or vortices or whatever. It is my considered feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before manifestation can occur, whether you are manifesting a box of chocolates or a new world, the vibration of thought is sent out in to the ethers. The manifestation occurs instantly. But then, as with all things, a journey of lining up with begins. It is entirely possible to manifest instantly, anything at all. However, when you are talking about bigger manifestations, there are billions of other factors that are brought into play… this need not concern you now, but suffice to say that with a crop circle, for instance, the process of creation and manifestation has already begun. The imprint of the blueprint is visible before other manifested parts of the whole appear. It is not a lot different to the conception and birth process of human beings… only much, much bigger!

Because Scalar waves move in every perceivable direction known to man, and in some ways unknown to man as yet, they are able to transmute and transform and change things in a way that is not destructive to the creation process. Most things on your planet have to be smashed and broken and bent and misshapen during in the creative process. In order to build something, something else has to be broken, in other words. For example, to get stone from a quarry, you use explosives or some other such devices to blast your way into the rock face. The new technology is not like this. It is very much gentler and works in harmony with all. Scalar energy will transform how the creative process moves forward. Scalar waves are the building blocks of transmutation and instant manifestation and creation at its very best.

I questioned why I hadn’t been able to know about this before. As a translator of Source Energy, I wondered why I didn’t know everything!  Even though this energy form has been around for a long, long time, it has only just come to my notice. I believe this is because of my own evolutionary process. I wasn’t ready before. I am now more consciously aware of my ability to deliberately co-create my life, moment by moment, and the more I become aware of and utilise this energy, the broader my perspective becomes. In fact, the more I know of me, the more I know of me. I am an ever expanding energy being, and the more expansive I become, the more I can contain and absorb. I also believe that we have to align our energy with the energy vibration of other things in order to integrate new stuff into our energy field. When I speak to my lovely people in gatherings and seminars, I impart the level of wisdom I have attained vibrationally. I cannot impart the knowledge and wisdom of a place I have not reached myself. It would be like going to another country and expecting to speak the language instantly. This is possible, by some, but not me! I am still expanding and growing and learning my craft! 

However, it is not enough to simply know about something. We can be very ‘knowledgable’ about much, without Knowing anything. We can read books but we don’t become them. In other words, in order to include it in your vibration, you have to be a match to it. So the old saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’ supports my feelings because until you are ready, vibrationally, you cannot know that which is beyond your knowing. And what that means is, when you have brought yourself into alignment with your Inner Being and your Source (broader perspective, infinite wisdom part of you) by paying attention to how you feel and by moving only in the direction of those processes that support your happiness, joy and growth, you will have aligned with the technology of the ‘future’.  Cleaning up your act, as the planet is doing right now, will disturb and unsettle things, but when the dust has settled, a new blueprint for humanity, and thus the Cosmos, will be in operation. 

The way is being cleared for a magnificent new way of life and living. 

All that was before is being undone, and now is the stuff of miracles. You will not need banks (old energy, breaking up as we speak) because your vibrational escrow is so vast you need never want for anything ever again. You simply include it in your vibration, and align with the scalar wave energy (done in a thought, no process necessary) and what you need will be delivered to you in ways you can not imagine.

Manifestations will occur daily, as you learn to ask, and then line up with what you want. Anything is possible and anything can happen, IF YOU LET IT!

So, break all those rules. Make new ones that entirely suit you. Teachers will appear like stars in the sky for those who are ready to learn. Cast off the past, and step into the Now, and create your perfect tomorrow, step by step by step, trusting in the process.

by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Since the mid 1980’s, all life has been in a process of shifting and transforming reality as we know it. The basic fabric of our dimension has been gently re-booting and morphing into a new world taking us right along with it. The only way you would not have felt this is if you had been living under a rock somewhere. It can be an amazing time filled with wonder. It can also be a time filled with many challenges that keep asking us to let go over and over, and deeper and deeper.

Most every living being on this earth can feel that this is a very unique time to be alive. I knew it as a young child, and I hear from many that they also knew this to at an early age. It has been a life time of great anticipation for what the Star Elders call the best time to be on Earth. This is so because our SOULS have the greatest opportunity to evolve quickly and much further in only one life time. It is the best ride in the universe according to the Star Elders.

Some of the most amazing transformational shifts have taken place in just the last couple of months. Yes . . . we are painfully aware that it has been challenging for thousands/millions of people. Our prayers go out to all affected by the many Earth shifts. On the lighter side of the transformation, many have felt jammed, stuck and riddled with un-diagnosable ascension symptoms. A turn of recent events has cracked open a new door which tells me that we are moving out of this phase of the transformation of our reality, and into a new accelerated phase.

Key times were the time surrounding the Haiti and Chilean earthquakes. This sent us deep inside to clear out places we didn’t even know existed. Even ones that had fostered a masterful level of complete denial cannot avoid the transformational energy of this time. If they try to do so, they will feel plain nuts, loopy, out to lunch, and yes . . . Elvis has left the building! All are to awaken now. There is no going back. The energy of the Earth is rising up into a new world, and this tsunami of energy is washing through every crack and crevice in our reality.

In the days leading up to the 8.8 massive Chilean earthquake, the energy all over the Earth was heavy and crushing, and many felt like they were going nuts . . . It felt like we were hanging on by our finger nails. There were many suicides and deaths. I know the whales were well aware of this shift. They disappeared in the oceans for days, and even a captive one acted out. I am sure they were feeling the pressure just as we were.

But here is the good news . . . Sunday, after the big Chilean earthquake, I felt a HUGE release of energy along with a HUGE influx of LIGHT into our dimension. I could feel the Ascended Masters, angelic realms and the presence of the “I AM” energy wash across the planet. A huge old chunk of our past reality was released during those massive earthquakes. Because of this, more LIGHT could now flow into our newly birthing reality. This is yet another step in our ascension! I feel that, by mid-March, we are all going to be able to anchor a lighter state of being within.

We do not know what the next phase of ascension will hold for us. But I do know that the only still point will be our connection and commitment to God, higher power, Spirit and the “I AM” within each of us. No matter how unreal this world might become, no matter how much we are called to let go, to totally surrender, this connection is the only place that will always stay constant. It will be the place where we will be able to keep our sanity while we transform our body, mind and spirit through this most amazing time.

The more the masses understand this stillness inside, the easier the shift will be for all of us. We are all connected. So how this transformation plays out is up to us and our collective consciousness. Let’s say this again. You are NOT victims of this transformation . . . you are the DIRECTORS! It is up to ALL of US as to how this all plays out. 

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God.  Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph:928-282-6292 Webpage: E-mail: Copyright © 2010 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

by Geoffrey Hoppe

What is a “Point of Separation”? Tobias has talked about this in several recent Shouds, and a lot of Shaumbra have asked me what it really means.

According to Tobias, a Point of Separation (POS) occurs when consciousness moves from one “level” to another. It’s like a train leaving the station en route to the next station. There’s an important “space” from the point of leaving one station until arriving at the next. This is when the actual evolution and expansion of consciousness takes place. It’s a very special and often mysterious time, filled with as much excitement as uncertainty.

Here’s a recent example: On election night in the United States this month, there was a definitive Point of Separation when John McCain conceded the election to Barak Obama. It continued into the time of McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s moving acceptance speech. If you watched the events on television, and especially the pictures of 100,000+ people gathered in Grant Park in Chicago, you could actually feel the Point of Separation that was taking place. The U.S. and perhaps the whole world was right in the midst of a POS. It was a transition from the George Bush era into a new, undefined era. Many spiritually oriented people could feel it was a movement of consciousness that had been stuck for many, many years. At about midnight in the U.S. on November 4, the old train pulled out of the station to begin a new era of change and transformation.

A Point of Separation generally occurs after a period of turmoil, frustration or stuck energy. The end of World War II was a POS. The first man on the moon was another memorable POS. And certainly September 11, 2001 was also a POS. Immediately following these events you’ll notice a change in the way people think and act. They tend to come from a place of perspective and awareness rather than routine and logic. They think outside of their usual box, for a change. They feel a surge of creative consciousness that comes rushing forward after being suppressed for a long time.

Tobias says that “all energy seeks resolution” and that “consciousness seeks to expand and experience.” If the energies are out of balance they will create a situation, or Point of Separation from their old ways, in order to come back into balance and harmony in a new way. If consciousness is stuck, it will create a POS to get moving again. It’s an amazing simple process that is at play every day in our lives, in ways large and small.

Global Points of Separation used to occur few and far between. That’s why change came so slowly in generations past. But now with a higher overall level of consciousness and instant communications with resources like the Internet, the POS’s are occurring more frequently, and are often clumped together in groups. It’s an exhilarating time for inventors, musicians, writers and others who are using their creativity. It’s nerve-wracking and anxiety-wrought for those who prefer the comfort of the status quo.

We’ll experience more and more global Points of Separation in the years ahead. It will feel like a series of consciousness earthquakes rumbling us off our feet and out of our complacency. And just like an earthquake, the aftershocks will continue until we’ve fully arrived at our next major level, or what Tobias calls a Point of Presence. The Point of Presence (POP) occurs when humanity arrives its next level. It’s a time to rejoice, and to experience the new consciousness.

None of this should seem foreign to Shaumbra, of course. We’ve all gone through our own Points of Personal Separation (POPS) these past years. We know what it’s like to wildly and dramatically break out of our old consciousness. We know what it’s like to fly or spin through the mid-zone between a Point of Separation and our new Point of Presence. And we know, thank goodness, that we always seem to land safely in the new Point of Presence. After shaking ourselves off and getting grounded once again, we so often say, “Damn that was fun! Let’s do it again.” Whoa, cowboy! Take a moment to relax and enjoy. Sit back and watch how humanity will go through its Points of Separation these next few years. Be there to hand out water and bandages to the ones just getting off the cosmic ride through consciousness. You’ll have plenty of time for more POPS of your own, but trust me that they won’t need to be like your previous experiences. More about that in another article!

Copyright: Geoffrey Hoppe

cascadeofcreativity_240‘Author, poet and contributor to Paradigm Shift teachs authors how to channel their books’

Tom Evans has developed an innovative and unique course which is available on line for self-study or as a one or two day experiential workshop.  The course is a heady mix of science, art and metaphysics. It deals with the bane of writers everywhere, the dreaded writers’ block and it is also packed full of practical advice on the many ways to get published nowadays.

Tom says, “The techniques I use are equally relevant and useful for experienced channelers as well as people who have never consciously channeled. The common theme is to take ideas and inspirations from the cosmic mind and ground them into the physical plane of this reality.”

Tom teaches authors how to do Whole Brain Thinking by synchronising the right and left hemispheres and controlling the inner critic. He also introduces the concept of Whole Mind Thinking where the conscious, unconscious and higher self fuse together and connect with the higher consciousnesses.

Attendees of this year’s workshops said things like:

“I attended Tom’s course today expecting a course about the mechanics of writing. What I got was even better which was the mechanics of inspiration!” – Richard White

“Excellent balance of structure and creativity. Loads of practical info on how to write and get published.” – Jeni Hooper

Tom has also produced four excellent guided visualisations that take authors on explorations in their minds to past, present and the future.

As a gift to the readers of this blog, you can listen to one of the visualisations here – a Journey to the Akashic Records Office – do email Tom at to tell him what you find.

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Thoth through Debbie Summers

Life is precious, so they say. Life is also wonderful; it is a time of joy and exuberance. Or, so it is for some. Others suffer constantly. We are all here to learn, so that we can take the next step on the spiritual ladder. We are constantly learning – or rather, that is what we should be doing. Not everyone learns from their mistakes. This is such a shame. These people are so closed-minded that they don’t seem to want to learn and then, when they return to the other side, they are full of remorse, they realise that they have to go through it all over again. They realise they have wasted an incarnation. Those with strong determination go back to Earth – and indeed other planets – and make sure that they get it right this time. Others go back and make the same mistakes again and still don’t learn.

This is one of the reasons why the veil is lifting, why more and more people are becoming aware of the spirit world and are passing on the messages of reincarnation, in the hope that those who are having problems will listen and learn. Unfortunately, there are still those who are so closed-minded that they can only accept what they can physically see, there is little hope that they will change their ways in this lifetime. We can only hope for better next time.

This is a wonderful time to be incarnated on your planet. It is a time of spiritual growth and physical change. It is a time of moving into the 4th dimension. Many more people than ever before are working towards their ascension. This new faith in what is on the other side is expanding the growth of everyone on the planet who is open to it. All the ascended masters, angels and archangels are working together to move this along as quickly as possible. All ascended masters are multi-dimensional and they are using this ability to be incarnated on earth and be on the other side. I understand that this is a difficult concept for you to conceive but, put quite simply, we can be in many places and dimensions at the same time. We are not limited as you are to being in one place and dimension at a time. Some of you are beginning to learn to move multi-dimensionally, which is something you should all be aiming for. Jesus (otherwise known as Sananda), Buddha and Quan Yin are working quietly on the ascension of Earth and her population. They are incarnated in different parts of the world. Many other lesser-known masters are also here and many more will join them, myself included. Some of us will be taking over existing bodies when the soul which presently occupies them are finished with it and are ready to pass over. It is part of the contract they agreed on before they incarnated. Most of them will have a near death experience, they will pass over and an ascended master will take over. It is a fascinating time. Watch for this, you will soon start to hear stories about it.

Thoth through Debbie Summers


Today I wish to talk about life. Life to you is your physical body. Many of you don’t realise that it is just a vehicle for your spirit or soul. When you die, your spirit lives on in what you call the spirit world, which is what we call normality. Your scientists have correctly worked out that energy never dies that it has to go somewhere. Your body is made up of energy. When you die that energy has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the spirit world or heaven.

Heaven is made up of 7 levels. There are levels of experience or ‘holiness’. People stay on each level in heaven or on Earth (or indeed on any other planet) until they reach the standard required of the next level. Some souls learn faster than others do, but we hope that every spirit will eventually work their way all the way up the heavenly ladder.

The first level is for those who are very primitive, those who haven’t learnt that violence is wrong, and those who see no wrong in killing others, particularly mass murderers. They will stay there until they learn remorse.

The second level is those who have learnt that killing are wrong. They still manipulate people for their own ends though; they steal and cause trouble. Again, they will stay at this level until they are remorseful.

The third level is for the ‘average’ spirit. They have learnt the basic lessons that murder and stealing is wrong. They are starting to learn lessons on the equality of the human race; that men and women, black and white, fat or thin, in fact, everyone is equal.

The fourth level has learnt the equality lesson. They are working with spirit in this lifetime. They are beginning to see the unseen. More and more people are reaching this level in this generation and we are very pleased with them.

The fifth level work with angels and ascended masters on a daily basis. They are in constant contact with the Almighty and his helpers. Again, there are many more people moving up to this level than ever before.

The sixth level are the helpers of God. They are angels, ascended masters and those with a pure heart. These souls can choose to be incarnated on Earth, or other planets, to help the inhabitants move forward spiritually. Many are doing this as there is programmed a huge leap forward, which will happen very soon.

The seventh level is God, the Almighty, Universal Energy, the Godhead, (or whatever you are comfortable in calling him/her). It is not important what name you use.

It is good to see so many of you are on levels 4 and 5. This is raising the light quotient all over the universe, but especially on Earth. Unfortunately, light attracts dark and those still on level 1 and 2 are rebelling against you. This kind of act is, and will continue to be, on the increase until light overcomes darkness. This time will come in 2012 when earth enters the 4th dimension.

Thoth through Debbie Summers

Time is relative. Here on earth, if you are happy and are enjoying yourself, time goes by very quickly. When you are unhappy, bored or lonely, time drags. A second lasts for a minute, a minute is an hour, and an hour is a day. Why is this? Time is not linear, as you believe, in spirit we can go backwards and forwards in time as easily as you find walking into another room. There is no word that you would understand to describe the realities of time and it is almost impossible for me to explain in the confines of your language. Quantum physics uses the term ‘folding time and space’, which is probably the easiest way. If you imagine time as a straight line, the past on the left and the future on the right, with the present being in the middle, it is possible to bend that line so that you can jump from the present to, say, next week, next year or a thousand years from now.

The same is true of space. It is possible to jump from earth to the moon or another solar system in one step.

That is how psychics can look into the past, present and future and how they speak to us in what you call the spirit world; unconsciously they are ‘folding time and space’ to communicate with the ‘unknown’. As earth approaches 2012, people will find it easier to communicate with spirit and we will find it easier to talk to you. Once you enter the 4th dimension, this kind of communication becomes more everyday, like being able to talk to family members. You will see strange things beyond your comprehension. Beautiful colours that you cannot even imagine, flowers of which you have no comparison, trees so tall they reach into the heavens, animals the like you have never seen and aliens will be popping in more frequently to speak to you.

Every day, more and more people will be telling stories of how they have seen or spoken to spirit, angels and aliens. There will be many sightings of Mother Mary, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and others, together with descriptions of merkerbas, all over the world. Miracles will be on the increase, the impossible will happen frequently; for example, crying or bleeding statues will be commonplace.

There is nothing to fear from these events. People will begin to realise this as time goes by, and will start to view these happenings as they did the telephone, television, computers and the internet; with suspicion and fear to begin with, then normal once they get used to them. Those that refuse to accept these wonderful miracles will fall by the wayside, they are not ready for these changes in this lifetime, but maybe they will be next time. Everyone finds their way back to God eventually.

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