by Michael Lewin

“Let the disciples cultivate love without measure towards all beings.  Let them cultivate towards the whole world, above, below and around a heart of love unstinted…. For in all the world this state of heart is the best”

The Buddha

Many years ago I was watching a TV discussion programme with great interest. Its focus was on crime and the street gangs of America. On the stage was a young girl who was unashamedly speaking, in detail, about her criminal activities within the context of a New York gang. When she finished speaking a woman rose from her seat, at the back of the studio audience and said: “ Honey, you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, ” then promptly sat down again. I remember vividly how this statement affected me. It carried so much weight and clarity I couldn’t help but share it with friends afterwards. I think the insight gained from this simple message is very profound. The young girl was indeed in the wrong place, seeking recognition and acceptance from the wrong people – violent gang members. She felt a part of something bigger than herself – the collective group and in this she could get lost along with her responsibilities to behave in a positive way.

She sought affirmation and validation from others who accepted the role of hurting people. What the woman in the studio audience said, in a very succinct and clear way, is we all need love and we should all be looking for that love in the right places. Not side tracked for misplaced acceptance, not selling out for peer group approval, not allowing ourselves to grab at imitations, but going after the real thing – a love that embraces and unifies every living soul. All that we engage with in life ( our thoughts, actions and communication ) is either an expression of love or a cry for help ( which is also an expression of love ). Anger, rage, hostility and resentment are, at a deeper level, all wanting acknowledgement and attention – they are all pleas to be understood. All bad behaviour can be seen as an ineffective response to unmet, often deep-seated psychological needs and at the very core of this ‘ acting out ‘  is the desire for love.


The mythical dwarf Alberich, in Wagner’s Das Rheingold, abandons the quest for love in favour of power. He seeks out the forces of control and darkness ( the love of power )  to that of union and light ( the power of love ). Our young, female gang member made similar choices. She had discarded a life of positive self expression, that could have helped people, to adopt behaviour that hurt them.       

But in a turbulent, unsettling world where we struggle to find meaning, where we can be emotionally stripped bare to expose our raw vulnerabilities, would we always make the right choices?  If we are made to tremble before our own projected, negative feelings of low self esteem and unworthiness, would we necessarily make the right decisions?

A true, authentic spiritual life must recognize and acknowledge that something outside of ourselves needs to be served. It must call us to embrace the diversity of humanity, with all its shortcomings and faults, in a universal fellowship of love and compassion. There is no other way. It is the very life where we must surrender ourselves, our judgements and opinions, in order to be made ready for greater understanding, empathy and sympathy. Thus the mind that cannot expand to hold these greater qualities, to grow within their light, is the mind that is still separated and divided.


Love lays waiting ready to be awakened, broken open in every moment, in every human encounter, in every human heart.  It comes from a higher, spiritual realm, beyond our narrow selves, and speaks to us all in a collective voice of mutual sharing and bonding. It is a gift to others and very much a gift to ourselves. That is the reward, because the more we give love away the more we will receive it back – a spiritual reality of such magnitude and profundity that it can quite take our breath away….

It’s easy for us to love the loveable ( our family and friends ) but the real challenge, and the greatest rewards come from loving the un-loveable. The people who have lost their way in life and who find it difficult to act in positive ways, these are the people that need our love and we must love them until they start to love themselves…..

“ Love is the law of life. All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is the only law of life…… Therefore, love for love’s sake, because it is the law of life, just as you breathe to live.”

 Swami Vivekanada

Copyright Michael Lewin.


by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in

Since the mid 1980’s, all life has been in a process of shifting and transforming reality as we know it. The basic fabric of our dimension has been gently re-booting and morphing into a new world taking us right along with it. The only way you would not have felt this is if you had been living under a rock somewhere. It can be an amazing time filled with wonder. It can also be a time filled with many challenges that keep asking us to let go over and over, and deeper and deeper.

Most every living being on this earth can feel that this is a very unique time to be alive. I knew it as a young child, and I hear from many that they also knew this to at an early age. It has been a life time of great anticipation for what the Star Elders call the best time to be on Earth. This is so because our SOULS have the greatest opportunity to evolve quickly and much further in only one life time. It is the best ride in the universe according to the Star Elders.

Some of the most amazing transformational shifts have taken place in just the last couple of months. Yes . . . we are painfully aware that it has been challenging for thousands/millions of people. Our prayers go out to all affected by the many Earth shifts. On the lighter side of the transformation, many have felt jammed, stuck and riddled with un-diagnosable ascension symptoms. A turn of recent events has cracked open a new door which tells me that we are moving out of this phase of the transformation of our reality, and into a new accelerated phase.

Key times were the time surrounding the Haiti and Chilean earthquakes. This sent us deep inside to clear out places we didn’t even know existed. Even ones that had fostered a masterful level of complete denial cannot avoid the transformational energy of this time. If they try to do so, they will feel plain nuts, loopy, out to lunch, and yes . . . Elvis has left the building! All are to awaken now. There is no going back. The energy of the Earth is rising up into a new world, and this tsunami of energy is washing through every crack and crevice in our reality.

In the days leading up to the 8.8 massive Chilean earthquake, the energy all over the Earth was heavy and crushing, and many felt like they were going nuts . . . It felt like we were hanging on by our finger nails. There were many suicides and deaths. I know the whales were well aware of this shift. They disappeared in the oceans for days, and even a captive one acted out. I am sure they were feeling the pressure just as we were.

But here is the good news . . . Sunday, after the big Chilean earthquake, I felt a HUGE release of energy along with a HUGE influx of LIGHT into our dimension. I could feel the Ascended Masters, angelic realms and the presence of the “I AM” energy wash across the planet. A huge old chunk of our past reality was released during those massive earthquakes. Because of this, more LIGHT could now flow into our newly birthing reality. This is yet another step in our ascension! I feel that, by mid-March, we are all going to be able to anchor a lighter state of being within.

We do not know what the next phase of ascension will hold for us. But I do know that the only still point will be our connection and commitment to God, higher power, Spirit and the “I AM” within each of us. No matter how unreal this world might become, no matter how much we are called to let go, to totally surrender, this connection is the only place that will always stay constant. It will be the place where we will be able to keep our sanity while we transform our body, mind and spirit through this most amazing time.

The more the masses understand this stillness inside, the easier the shift will be for all of us. We are all connected. So how this transformation plays out is up to us and our collective consciousness. Let’s say this again. You are NOT victims of this transformation . . . you are the DIRECTORS! It is up to ALL of US as to how this all plays out. 

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic who inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God.  Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph:928-282-6292 Webpage: E-mail: Copyright © 2010 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

by Geoffrey Hoppe

What is a “Point of Separation”? Tobias has talked about this in several recent Shouds, and a lot of Shaumbra have asked me what it really means.

According to Tobias, a Point of Separation (POS) occurs when consciousness moves from one “level” to another. It’s like a train leaving the station en route to the next station. There’s an important “space” from the point of leaving one station until arriving at the next. This is when the actual evolution and expansion of consciousness takes place. It’s a very special and often mysterious time, filled with as much excitement as uncertainty.

Here’s a recent example: On election night in the United States this month, there was a definitive Point of Separation when John McCain conceded the election to Barak Obama. It continued into the time of McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s moving acceptance speech. If you watched the events on television, and especially the pictures of 100,000+ people gathered in Grant Park in Chicago, you could actually feel the Point of Separation that was taking place. The U.S. and perhaps the whole world was right in the midst of a POS. It was a transition from the George Bush era into a new, undefined era. Many spiritually oriented people could feel it was a movement of consciousness that had been stuck for many, many years. At about midnight in the U.S. on November 4, the old train pulled out of the station to begin a new era of change and transformation.

A Point of Separation generally occurs after a period of turmoil, frustration or stuck energy. The end of World War II was a POS. The first man on the moon was another memorable POS. And certainly September 11, 2001 was also a POS. Immediately following these events you’ll notice a change in the way people think and act. They tend to come from a place of perspective and awareness rather than routine and logic. They think outside of their usual box, for a change. They feel a surge of creative consciousness that comes rushing forward after being suppressed for a long time.

Tobias says that “all energy seeks resolution” and that “consciousness seeks to expand and experience.” If the energies are out of balance they will create a situation, or Point of Separation from their old ways, in order to come back into balance and harmony in a new way. If consciousness is stuck, it will create a POS to get moving again. It’s an amazing simple process that is at play every day in our lives, in ways large and small.

Global Points of Separation used to occur few and far between. That’s why change came so slowly in generations past. But now with a higher overall level of consciousness and instant communications with resources like the Internet, the POS’s are occurring more frequently, and are often clumped together in groups. It’s an exhilarating time for inventors, musicians, writers and others who are using their creativity. It’s nerve-wracking and anxiety-wrought for those who prefer the comfort of the status quo.

We’ll experience more and more global Points of Separation in the years ahead. It will feel like a series of consciousness earthquakes rumbling us off our feet and out of our complacency. And just like an earthquake, the aftershocks will continue until we’ve fully arrived at our next major level, or what Tobias calls a Point of Presence. The Point of Presence (POP) occurs when humanity arrives its next level. It’s a time to rejoice, and to experience the new consciousness.

None of this should seem foreign to Shaumbra, of course. We’ve all gone through our own Points of Personal Separation (POPS) these past years. We know what it’s like to wildly and dramatically break out of our old consciousness. We know what it’s like to fly or spin through the mid-zone between a Point of Separation and our new Point of Presence. And we know, thank goodness, that we always seem to land safely in the new Point of Presence. After shaking ourselves off and getting grounded once again, we so often say, “Damn that was fun! Let’s do it again.” Whoa, cowboy! Take a moment to relax and enjoy. Sit back and watch how humanity will go through its Points of Separation these next few years. Be there to hand out water and bandages to the ones just getting off the cosmic ride through consciousness. You’ll have plenty of time for more POPS of your own, but trust me that they won’t need to be like your previous experiences. More about that in another article!

Copyright: Geoffrey Hoppe

by Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard

Ascended Masters have no need for disease. They do not have emotional baggage or issues that they hold on to; they harm no-one and therefore do not create karma. We are all becoming Ascended Masters; beings of light, as this occurs diseases and miasms [a special energy phenomena lying at the core of some health problems] will eventually become obsolete on the planet. Disease teaches you that something is wrong that is all.

Becoming an Ascended Master is a choice, we all have choice, we can all become ascended. So what is it and how do I go about it?

One of the keys of knowledge about this is that you only ascend to the level of the amount of cleansing and healing that you do on yourself. Each time you clear or heal an issue your overall vibrationary frequency rises, you lighten up a little more, become less dense. Ascension is the process of becoming a being of light, what stops you is all your dense and heavy emotions and karma. Becoming enlightened is not a sudden turn on of a switch, it is a systematic round of cleansing and healing which in turn raises your light which has the effect of increasing your awareness and consciousness. The only turn on of a switch is when you ”wake up” and signal to your higher self that you wish to begin the process – or it may be that your higher self signals to you!!

Many people have been preparing for Ascension over several lifetimes and have chosen this century to fully ascend, however they still have to do the work on themselves, there is no getting away from this. Those people who are on this journey always have guidance and help from other Ascended Masters in Spirit, you are never alone and you can always ask for help.

Our bodies are designed to live for hundreds of years. The reason that they do not is because we have become so densely physical and we habitually hold on to our issues and karma and this can go on for lifetimes. As we once again become beings of light (many civilisations ago this was so) our consciousness and our thinking is so clear that we are aware of what we are thinking, saying and doing and can clear any issues instantly rather than hold on to them. We become such loving beings that negativity no longer plays a role in our reality.

The energy or frequency of the vibrations of emotions eventually lead to cellular changes and hence disease. The other importance of removing your miasms and issues is so that you can return to your original blueprint for perfect health which your etheric body holds. Ascended Masters have perfect health.

For Sue and I the healing and cleansing path has been very arduous, taken time and dedication and has been very cathartic. We are western women with all that that entails and have not had the luxury of being able to sit in a cave in the snow (at times that would have been very welcome!). Our path has led us to look at our Inner child issues from in the womb, birth and being in an incubator and then into childhood up to the age of about six. This taught us the emotional behaviour patterns we took in to adulthood which needed to be cleared. We were then guided to look at past life issues that we had brought in with us and how they parallel some of our Inner child Issues. We then went on to clearing the Energetic wounds we had sustained from others in this life and past lives and then took responsibility for our actions (karma) and the wounds we had caused others. Next came the Miasm clearing, ([they were inherited and random or acquired miasms), the deep emotional issues associated with these and the understanding of the karmic nature of these energetic phenomena. Miasms have a huge karmic link in mans habitation of planet earth.

For Sue and I the journey continues and as we are guided and given tools to help us we in turn pass the knowledge on to others.

Ascended Masters are now living on the planet in physical bodies. It use to be that this was impossible because of the density of this dimension. Their physical bodies have been healed and cleansed and have returned to their true blueprint of perfect health. These beings of love have no place in their reality for disease, it just does not exist.

by Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard. August 2008

cascadeofcreativity_240‘Author, poet and contributor to Paradigm Shift teachs authors how to channel their books’

Tom Evans has developed an innovative and unique course which is available on line for self-study or as a one or two day experiential workshop.  The course is a heady mix of science, art and metaphysics. It deals with the bane of writers everywhere, the dreaded writers’ block and it is also packed full of practical advice on the many ways to get published nowadays.

Tom says, “The techniques I use are equally relevant and useful for experienced channelers as well as people who have never consciously channeled. The common theme is to take ideas and inspirations from the cosmic mind and ground them into the physical plane of this reality.”

Tom teaches authors how to do Whole Brain Thinking by synchronising the right and left hemispheres and controlling the inner critic. He also introduces the concept of Whole Mind Thinking where the conscious, unconscious and higher self fuse together and connect with the higher consciousnesses.

Attendees of this year’s workshops said things like:

“I attended Tom’s course today expecting a course about the mechanics of writing. What I got was even better which was the mechanics of inspiration!” – Richard White

“Excellent balance of structure and creativity. Loads of practical info on how to write and get published.” – Jeni Hooper

Tom has also produced four excellent guided visualisations that take authors on explorations in their minds to past, present and the future.

As a gift to the readers of this blog, you can listen to one of the visualisations here – a Journey to the Akashic Records Office – do email Tom at to tell him what you find.

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By Stuart Morris

The Gift cd-rom was born out of a desperate need to give my son comfort to make him not feel as alone when I couldn’t be with him. At 15 years of age he went from a confident young man fit as a fiddle to one who deteriorated very quickly physically and emotionally to the point where he weighed 5st and hadn’t the energy to sit up.

We were back and forth to the hospital and eventually we had a diagnosis “Crohns disease” , a relief for the diagnosis and yet the beginning of a journey which in truth has become the most challenging in my life thus far, and I have had many challenges including being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26.

Up till that point in my life aged 26 I was a self employed builder laying a thousand bricks a day but in fact from that diagnosis of cancer began my own journey into complimentary therapies and eventually leading into a career in that arena and a yoga teacher for a very gentle form of yoga known as pranyama yoga.

So here I was, living proof that out of the worst moment in our lives their lies the seed of possibility the seed of growth and I could say it to those I have treated quite confidently until my son became chronically ill.

A friend of mine says with great wisdom “when these things happen in our lives it is the moment life asks us do we really believe what we say we believe” and in truth I could no longer say ‘out of your worst moment lies the seed of hope of greatness’ as I watched one of the most precious people in my life, my son deteriorate before my eyes.

I swept into holistic health practitioner mode and searched everywhere I could and before long used various herbs, natural antibiotics and dietary changes to pull him back from the brink of a serious operation and we have managed to do that several times since then. The real lesson here for me has been until that person wants to be healed, we can do nothing except support and nurture to the best of our ability, ultimately it has to come from within them and that can be frustrating and emotionally draining.

The Gift cd-rom was part of my journey with my son and began when one day I was holding him in my kitchen and inwardly asking “what do I do now? how do I help him?” and as I thought this desperate thought I heard from deep within me a affirmation which said with some clarity,

“Love is the only true healing balm apply it where necessary to oneself and others”


Love is the only true healing balm apply it where necessary, what a profound thing to be said and what a living truth and yet how?

Over the next three years I applied that principle to the best of my ability and still do to the point where my son has completed one year as trainee chef, the irony being that this will one day turn out to be his saving grace in any ways.

From those initial words came many such affirmations from the same source and over a period of time it seemed I had collected a philosophy from deep with me which contained a profound wisdom and one that if applied had the ability to not only comfort, soothe, inspire and give hope, but would ultimately heal all those that applied these principles in their life. (This included me)

The affirmations contained in The Gift cd-rom are based around those principles and various other influences that have come to me over that last 20 years including a unique breathing exercise which when practised eases the system into a totally relaxed state. Form that place of relaxation the onscreen affirmations and auditory affirmations based on the philosophy I have briefly introduced to you to here will permeate into your consciousness and you will begin to feel the changes from within.

There is something within The Gift cd-rom which is unwritten it is this something that is changing the lives of those that are listening to it on a regular basis. In truth, my concern was that those that listened would not hear it. Yet the feedback I have had eases my concerns and listed below are a few samples of the testimonials reported back to me, this confirms to me The Gift holds within it, medicine of a spiritual nature.

“All the affirmations found within the gift, I use daily and truly believe that ‘a healing has begun’. I no longer live in a world full of anxiety and panic, but one of peace, love and relaxation….the gift has begun my journey into the future, where I now have energy to achieve my full potential. ‘I am no longer alone’ Thank you”

“As I worked with the ‘The Gift’, I could feel the tension in my body dissolve, and a great sense of warmth and peace suffuse my body as I relaxed into my chair.

“Stuart sees the answer to many of our health issues as being ‘Love. The only true healing balm’, and through experiencing The Gift, you can appreciate why.”

 “The Gift cd has been an empowering tool to enable me to heal on many levels”

 “I would say that my life has definitely changed for the better from regularly listening to the gift”

“I found the gift to be amazing! I was feeling very stressed and anxious generally in my day to day life, and had not found a really effective way to relax, until I tried The Gift”.

 “I would recommend The Gift to anyone who feels that they need to relieve tension and anxiety, or to just find a way to be able to wind down and relax, if used regularly it will have a positive impact on your life”.

“I also feel that The Gift has accelerated my healing. I’m much more forgiving and I tend to live more in the moment rather than focusing on my past fears. My husband died when I was just 30 years old and I think I was living too much in the past. I now embrace the day”

To read these and many more please take a look at my website where you can download The Gift cd rom directly

by Robina Hearle

Reconnecting to your inner child, what does this mean? Why do I need to do this, and who is this inner child anyway? And what has Never Never Land got to do with it?

Your Inner child is a part of you, a real being. A fragment of your soul. The part of you that first consciously evolves from in the womb until six years of age. This child during this time experiences the world, and forms from these experiences her/his emotional pattern for life. This is the most important time in a person’s emotional development, because what happens now lays down behaviour patterns for life, good and bad. It would be fair to say the Inner child is the real you, the innocent beautiful, angelic being that you came in as.

So why do I need to reconnect? Well you might not have to, but just need to acknowledge his or her existence and strengthen the bond.

If you need to reconnect it’s because the energetic connection has been severed and this fragment of your soul has been lost. This loss of connection occurs because of serious emotional, physical or mental which has occurred in the first six years of life (including the time in the womb) and the Inner Cchild has chosen to flee.

These children flee to the Cave or Never Never land. This place is very real, J.M Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and the lost and neglected boys is in part true, children do escape to another plane of existence, remember we are talking about a soul fragment not a physical being. This soul fragment, this child, may stay in the cave for the whole of our live’s if we do not make an attempt to heal our emotional issues, traumas and pain.

My sister and I help people reconnect with their Inner Child and we have met many people who know there is a part of themselves missing and don’t know what to do. We have also met people who have completely blanked out their childhood because it is too painful to go there. Others have known they have left whilst in the womb. Some people do not ‘do fun’, do not know how to play , be in joy, have wonder, and have no concept of their child-like qualities which are an essential part of our ability to experience the world. We have also met people who have a poor range of emotions.

Emotional energy in the form of trauma, issues and long-held pain is held in your cellular memory and therefore it is in your tissues. This energy when it is not dealt with continues to grow as you experience your issues in different ways through the years, eventually this energy can begin to cause cellular change leading to dis-ease. If your emotional pattern begins in childhood then this is where you need to begin the healing process. This may be an energetic reconnection to your inner child through healing energy and the use of appropriate flower essences, or it may be just a strengthening of your connection and to begin work on childhood issues that surface.

Personal and spiritual growth comes about by years of cleansing issues and healing. Facing you emotional baggage is one of the hardest things to do; your issues begin here in childhood. You may not consciously want to gain spiritual growth but to simply be happy and have fun but know there is a block somewhere. To reconnect with your Inner child or strengthen your connection is the beginning of a healing journey which will eventually help you find out who you are.

Robina Hearle and Sue Stothard. Inner child Healing facilitators.

Thoth through Debbie Summers

Life is precious, so they say. Life is also wonderful; it is a time of joy and exuberance. Or, so it is for some. Others suffer constantly. We are all here to learn, so that we can take the next step on the spiritual ladder. We are constantly learning – or rather, that is what we should be doing. Not everyone learns from their mistakes. This is such a shame. These people are so closed-minded that they don’t seem to want to learn and then, when they return to the other side, they are full of remorse, they realise that they have to go through it all over again. They realise they have wasted an incarnation. Those with strong determination go back to Earth – and indeed other planets – and make sure that they get it right this time. Others go back and make the same mistakes again and still don’t learn.

This is one of the reasons why the veil is lifting, why more and more people are becoming aware of the spirit world and are passing on the messages of reincarnation, in the hope that those who are having problems will listen and learn. Unfortunately, there are still those who are so closed-minded that they can only accept what they can physically see, there is little hope that they will change their ways in this lifetime. We can only hope for better next time.

This is a wonderful time to be incarnated on your planet. It is a time of spiritual growth and physical change. It is a time of moving into the 4th dimension. Many more people than ever before are working towards their ascension. This new faith in what is on the other side is expanding the growth of everyone on the planet who is open to it. All the ascended masters, angels and archangels are working together to move this along as quickly as possible. All ascended masters are multi-dimensional and they are using this ability to be incarnated on earth and be on the other side. I understand that this is a difficult concept for you to conceive but, put quite simply, we can be in many places and dimensions at the same time. We are not limited as you are to being in one place and dimension at a time. Some of you are beginning to learn to move multi-dimensionally, which is something you should all be aiming for. Jesus (otherwise known as Sananda), Buddha and Quan Yin are working quietly on the ascension of Earth and her population. They are incarnated in different parts of the world. Many other lesser-known masters are also here and many more will join them, myself included. Some of us will be taking over existing bodies when the soul which presently occupies them are finished with it and are ready to pass over. It is part of the contract they agreed on before they incarnated. Most of them will have a near death experience, they will pass over and an ascended master will take over. It is a fascinating time. Watch for this, you will soon start to hear stories about it.

Thoth through Debbie Summers


Today I wish to talk about life. Life to you is your physical body. Many of you don’t realise that it is just a vehicle for your spirit or soul. When you die, your spirit lives on in what you call the spirit world, which is what we call normality. Your scientists have correctly worked out that energy never dies that it has to go somewhere. Your body is made up of energy. When you die that energy has to go somewhere. That somewhere is the spirit world or heaven.

Heaven is made up of 7 levels. There are levels of experience or ‘holiness’. People stay on each level in heaven or on Earth (or indeed on any other planet) until they reach the standard required of the next level. Some souls learn faster than others do, but we hope that every spirit will eventually work their way all the way up the heavenly ladder.

The first level is for those who are very primitive, those who haven’t learnt that violence is wrong, and those who see no wrong in killing others, particularly mass murderers. They will stay there until they learn remorse.

The second level is those who have learnt that killing are wrong. They still manipulate people for their own ends though; they steal and cause trouble. Again, they will stay at this level until they are remorseful.

The third level is for the ‘average’ spirit. They have learnt the basic lessons that murder and stealing is wrong. They are starting to learn lessons on the equality of the human race; that men and women, black and white, fat or thin, in fact, everyone is equal.

The fourth level has learnt the equality lesson. They are working with spirit in this lifetime. They are beginning to see the unseen. More and more people are reaching this level in this generation and we are very pleased with them.

The fifth level work with angels and ascended masters on a daily basis. They are in constant contact with the Almighty and his helpers. Again, there are many more people moving up to this level than ever before.

The sixth level are the helpers of God. They are angels, ascended masters and those with a pure heart. These souls can choose to be incarnated on Earth, or other planets, to help the inhabitants move forward spiritually. Many are doing this as there is programmed a huge leap forward, which will happen very soon.

The seventh level is God, the Almighty, Universal Energy, the Godhead, (or whatever you are comfortable in calling him/her). It is not important what name you use.

It is good to see so many of you are on levels 4 and 5. This is raising the light quotient all over the universe, but especially on Earth. Unfortunately, light attracts dark and those still on level 1 and 2 are rebelling against you. This kind of act is, and will continue to be, on the increase until light overcomes darkness. This time will come in 2012 when earth enters the 4th dimension.

Thoth through Debbie Summers

Time is relative. Here on earth, if you are happy and are enjoying yourself, time goes by very quickly. When you are unhappy, bored or lonely, time drags. A second lasts for a minute, a minute is an hour, and an hour is a day. Why is this? Time is not linear, as you believe, in spirit we can go backwards and forwards in time as easily as you find walking into another room. There is no word that you would understand to describe the realities of time and it is almost impossible for me to explain in the confines of your language. Quantum physics uses the term ‘folding time and space’, which is probably the easiest way. If you imagine time as a straight line, the past on the left and the future on the right, with the present being in the middle, it is possible to bend that line so that you can jump from the present to, say, next week, next year or a thousand years from now.

The same is true of space. It is possible to jump from earth to the moon or another solar system in one step.

That is how psychics can look into the past, present and future and how they speak to us in what you call the spirit world; unconsciously they are ‘folding time and space’ to communicate with the ‘unknown’. As earth approaches 2012, people will find it easier to communicate with spirit and we will find it easier to talk to you. Once you enter the 4th dimension, this kind of communication becomes more everyday, like being able to talk to family members. You will see strange things beyond your comprehension. Beautiful colours that you cannot even imagine, flowers of which you have no comparison, trees so tall they reach into the heavens, animals the like you have never seen and aliens will be popping in more frequently to speak to you.

Every day, more and more people will be telling stories of how they have seen or spoken to spirit, angels and aliens. There will be many sightings of Mother Mary, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and others, together with descriptions of merkerbas, all over the world. Miracles will be on the increase, the impossible will happen frequently; for example, crying or bleeding statues will be commonplace.

There is nothing to fear from these events. People will begin to realise this as time goes by, and will start to view these happenings as they did the telephone, television, computers and the internet; with suspicion and fear to begin with, then normal once they get used to them. Those that refuse to accept these wonderful miracles will fall by the wayside, they are not ready for these changes in this lifetime, but maybe they will be next time. Everyone finds their way back to God eventually.

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Paradigm Shift Magazine - Issue 52