Paradigm Shift – change of method or system, or change of perception

We are on the threshold of a quantum shift in the perception and experience of our reality – it is as profound as the introduction of speech, or the development of the wheel. We are moving from the condition where we are aware of ourselves as separate from everything around us, to the realisation that, in fact, we are everything around us.

The huge growth in all things spiritual at the moment is fuelled by this global shift in consciousness and people seeking new answers to old questions.

Paradigm Shift magazine is an inspirational and visionary forum providing uplifting and posivite solutions for those willing to think outside the box. Our authors are pioneers in consciousness, people with the profound knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye – we exist in a field of consciousness that comprises all of the energy in existence, a field with its own intelligence that connects us all.

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