by Ethan Indigo Smith

“There are three, but where is the fourth?”  Carl Jung

What’s in a number?  Only what we project and apply to that number some would say.  I would argue that numbers provide windows for comparative understanding of relationships or similarities, at least.

108, its symbolism and its origin, is of metaphysical intuition.  108 became a celebrated number through intuition or divination.  In Hinduism there are 108 names for every god.  And in Buddhism there are

108 paths to god, and in contrast 108 defilements or sins.  But these theological celebrations of 108 are just the tip of the theological iceberg.  Further, in Sanskrit there are 54 letters each with a masculine and feminine making 108.  In Chinese martial arts, acupressure as well as Indian fighting techniques there 108 main pressure points and numerous forms of tai chi have 108 movements.  The number is intrinsic in many traditions to the point the roots of its celebration are mysterious and too ancient to trace.

The divinity of 108 was never argued and its significance was adopted and transmuted or realized by all who came into its understanding.  More than likely 108 is rooted in India.  The ancient Hindu astrological system is based on lunar and solar cycles.  The lunar and solar cycles hold 108 as central, only through different calculations of time.  Astrology and astronomy are similar in that they look to space, but they are different subjects altogether.  Only the ancient Hindu astrological system correlates with modern astronomical observation.

The most amazing aspect of the number has only recently been scientifically revealed, directly correlating astrology with astronomy and suggesting intuitive understanding.  Its meaning was made scientifically wondrous validating the metaphysical number in theological, individual, astrological and celestial concepts.

We are flowing in an ecosystem flowing in solar system flowing in the universal system.  Individual life on Earth and the goddess of Mother Earth as the collective Gaia we are a part of all exists thanks to a unique relationship between our wet rock and the Sun and the Moon.  And this spherical balance is formed through a relationship based on the divine number of about 108.  The diameter of the Earth at the equator is 7926 miles.  The diameter of the Sun is about 108 times

that: about 865,000.  The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter: 93,020,000 miles.  The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 238,800 miles, about 108 times the moons diameter: 2180.  The relationship of the Sun, Earth and Moon provide for all life and moreover all consciousness on Earth.  And the size and distance between the familiar celestial objects are all in the divine proportion of about 108.  Through this astronomical, divine and miraculous positioning 108 is symbolic for celestial order and perfection.

The celestial relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth of which we as individuals are a part of is balanced in a ratio of around 108, the exact distances fluctuate during our spherical revolution.

So even though the Sun is about 400 times bigger than the Moon they appear the same size from here because of the ratio of 108.  And yet this knowledge was only specifically understood in totality recently during the 20th century.  But 108 was a celebrated number long before any specific knowledge of its cosmic astrological divinity was established beyond intuitive recognition astrological theory.

What’s in a number?  In 108 there is everything, just about.  It represents the divine trinity of time.  1 symbolizes the singularity of the present, 0 the nothingness of the past and 8 the infinity of the future.  This numerical symbolism alone is enough to make it interesting.  Whenever I see a set of three, I think of what fourth part it may suggest and what fourth part may be lacking, having written the Matrix of Four, the Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity, I know there are many such trinities.  Yet the trinity of time in 108, the present, past and future, appears complete, at least on initial inspection.

Yet the intuitive roots of 108, the intuitive recognition of 108 as a divine number before its scientific validation suggests the fourth part that the number suggests as well.  The fourth part is likely unsaid because it’s difficult to explain and was traditionally left unsaid for to speak it was to make it untrue or somehow taint it.

 The fourth unsaid aspect is the aspect of intuition, the fourth unsaid of 108, of the present, past, future, is that of timelessness.

The fourth aspect of time is timelessness and leads to intuition and intuitive understanding.  The fourth aspect of time is like the Akashic Field where all is revealed including the significance of 108.

108 is divine and originated in divination.  Through 108 our most powerful capability is suggested and revealed.  Being in the fourth state of timelessness, tapping into the Akashic Field or being in The Zone, lends us intuitive consciousness.  However tapping into the Akashic field and being in The Zone requires preparation and practice; hence tai chi, chi gung and yoga.  All of which simply attune and balance one for the ultimate preparation to glimpse timelessness; meditation.  For more on metaphysical intuition and 108 take a look at 108 Steps to Be in The Zone.

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through Guy Needler

SE:  There has been much conjecture on the meaning of dates of spiritual importance, that they represent a mass ascension of some sort. When these days pass and nothing appears to be different, the sceptics will roar with laughter and the spiritualists who promoted such a heavenly future have to back peddle – fast. This dialogue is designed to put both the sceptic and the spiritualist’s minds in receipt of the truth.

In essence mankind has been ascending through the lower frequencies of the physical universe for 40-50 years. This has been, and is currently, a gradual and sustainable rise. Dates identifying a notable change in frequency are in danger of creating negativity due to their inability to deliver instantaneous and substantial “proof” to both the sceptic and the spiritualist.

Dates used by spiritualists are generated by information received from energetic helpers that are misinterpreted as being a date for a specific event. With the ascension of the human race however, the journey up the frequencies needs to be gradual, sustainable and repeatable on a regular basis. This method is preferred to the sudden “cliff face” rise that spiritualists expect because set backs can be absorbed and do not affect the overall progression upwards. A cliff face ascension, although highly desirable to awakening mankind, is just as likely to happen in a downwards fashion when set backs are experienced, and would severely affect the confidence of the human race in totality.

Dates should therefore be considered as a milestone in the ascension process, where mankind is expected to reach a certain level of progression rather than a sudden shift upwards. In this way mankind can be subject to minor set backs whilst still sustaining an overall upward progression through the frequencies.

Proof of a gradual ascension can be observed quite freely by the eagle eyed amongst you. The proof is the rise in the number of individuals becoming interested in “things of the spirit” and others becoming more “aware” of the greater reality, gaining contact with, or perceiving, those entities who operate in the energetic frequencies close to those of the physical and beyond. Other more physical proof can be seen in the rapid rise in the churn of new technology as “semi aware” individuals receive inspiration from the cosmic knowledge that they are now in contact with, on an unconscious basis, delivering to the physical world that which has been offered to them by spirit – the energetic. As mankind ascends higher and higher, more and more energetic functions will be available to those who are ready to renounce the physical and embrace the greater reality of the energetic, opening the door to existence in a higher frequential state. Although they will appear to disappear from physical perception of the human eye, they will be able through training, to dip into the lower frequency aspect of the physical to interface with those who have not joined the ascension process, without detriment to themselves through creating an area of locally high frequency around them, protecting them from the effects of interfacing with the lower frequencies and the intoxicating attraction to physical sensation.

The date 21/12/2012 is one such milestone along the road to ascension that is gradually rising. It will not product a sudden change but it will acknowledge the hard work of the light worker. As mankind continues to ascend, it will start to experience a geometric progression up the frequencies, with more and more personal energetic functions becoming available, faster and faster, each building upon the previous, not in the function of a cliff edge, but in a robust and sustainable way, guaranteeing mankind’s heritage amongst the higher frequencies and communion with its creator – its “Source” Entity.

Guy Steven Needler is the author of The History of God and Beyond The Source; published by Ozark Mountain Publishing.!authorBios.php?ag=47

by Guy Needler

As with most spiritualists I have, from a very young age, had a feeling that I was more substantial than my physical self. Having the ability to think out of the box, to offer suggestions or explanations for physics beyond physicality, comments that would have been considered pure science fiction or fantasy, i.e. that that is not of the current level of human understanding, was common place in my youth. As a result there was a certain amount of playful ridicule offered by my colleagues at school. I was considered strange, distant and weird. That was until one year, I was able to explain Newton’s Inverse Square law theory of universal planetary movement (gravitation) to my Physics teacher, a feat that even he struggled with, and to top it off I commented on the “fact” (not fact then) that we could weigh light! My teacher told me that I was both a genius and an idiot in one sentence. Then about a year later it was announced that Scientists had identified light as a particle, the photon, and that it had mass and therefore weight (this is still a bone of contention today!). How could I know such things, things that were on the cutting edge of science, or, were hard to explain with current levels of human understanding? Specifically when I had no training or experience to base my comments on, comments that were made on subjects where I instinctively knew the answers, answers to questions that had not yet been asked. I was, I now know, channelling the information from the universal pool of knowledge that is available to us all, if only we would allow ourselves the time to use our natural abilities, abilities that the vast majority of mankind brush aside in the rush to function and survive in modern physical life. I was communicating with the Source.
I, like all of us here on earth, have a number of evolutionary experiences to go through before embarking on the larger world task I signed up for. So nearly thirty five years passed before my attention turned back onto the greater reality. That required training from a number of spiritual teachers to “de-program” me from the physical and re-awaken me to the greater reality. This, augmented by my interest in the deeper meaning of the universe and my work as an engineer, has allowed me to act as a channel for the creator of our universe/multiverse, the Source Entity. It therefore makes complete sense that the information I am receiving has a scientific/engineering base to work from. Along with this, I gain general advice on how to live life in the physical without being attracted to the intoxicating sensations of the physicals lower frequencies, which ultimately result in personal frequency reduction.

So let’s take a closer look at ourselves. We are spiritual beings, no, we are energetic beings. The words spirit/spiritual are a fashionable description that can miss-lead the un-educated into thinking that spiritualism is a “higher” form of religion, it is NOT religion. “Spirit” actually refers to the non-corporeal essence of a being or entity, that that has sentience but cannot be seen or detected by the human senses, augmented by machinery or not. Being “spiritual” is the recognition of this. Corporeal life is something we choose to undertake to allow us to have experiences in the lowest of frequencies possible to an energetic being. To do this properly we need a vehicle and the vehicle chosen for this planet and frequency is what we recognize as the human body, but it comes with a price. That price is the loss of communication with that part of us, the majority, that remains in the energetic. The loss of communication has two reasons. Firstly, we adopt to work on experiences without the benefit of existing in an environment where time does not exist, allowing us to know the outcome of our actions before we act upon them. Secondly, we simply don’t have the “band width” whilst we are associated with the lower frequencies of the physical to communicate robustly enough with that part of us that remains in the energetic to make any sense.

As energetic beings we are not constrained by the physicality of the universe we reside in, but we are constrained by the physics of that universal environment. By constrained I mean that we are created by a higher entity, the Source Entity, to exist within a series of dimensions and frequencies that start with a physical projection, our physical universe and the other universes that occupy the multiversal environment, and end in pure Source Entity essence. The Source Entity created us, as it in-turn was created by the Origin, for one purpose, to experience and evolve in every way we can. In doing so the Source Entity also experiences and evolves.

You may have guessed from the last sentence that there is a hierarchy to all this, and you would be correct to think so. Although the environment, we as energetic beings exist within, is one that has been created by the Source Entity, the Source Entity is but one of twelve such entities created by the Origin, the creator of all. Even though the Origin is the pinnacle of energy, frequency and dimension given sentience, it took some time for it to recognize this and become self aware. The Source Entity explains:

SE: Once the Origin became self aware it experimented with the energies, frequencies and dimensions that made it up. As it experimented further, it established that the only way to truly experience its “self” in the fullest capacity was to do this in parallel. To support this desire the Origin created the Source Entities to enable it to experience and evolve at an accelerated pace equal to a multiple of the entities it created. The Source Entities being created by the division of itself into two halves, itself and an environment kept within itself for it to create and sustain twelve entities of equal proportion, each given the same energetic content and opportunity to become self aware. As the Source Entities became self aware and gained sentience they were made aware of the reason for their creation, to experience, evolve and pass this on to the Origin for its own evolution.
This resulted in their own strategies being played out, and, our own Source Entity creating the environment that we as mankind and billions upon billions of other similar energetic entities exist within. Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the Sources evolution and therefore the Origins. That is what we are here for, that is why we strive to experience that which is the hardest to experience, life at the lowest frequencies possible. In doing so the Source has created a universe that contains a level of physicality, with galaxies, star systems and planets, each with their own roles to play in maintaining the integrity of this environment as an optimal evolutionary experience, each responsible to the Source.

Everything about our environment can and is explainable by using physics. Although this is certainly very true for that part of the universe that projects into the physical frequencies, it is also true to a general extent in the energetic frequencies and dimensions. I guess that my being an engineer is one of the reasons I chose to be a channel for the Source and its desire to help lift this universe out of the lower frequencies, as most of what I receive is explained in physics and engineering terms.

To explain the physics of the energetic realms, spirit, we need to have a level understanding of physics that is not yet available to mankind. However, it is starting to be understood by our scientists that the physical, low frequency projections, are but a minute part of the make-up of the universe we are currently working with. We can of course work within any of the universes in the multiverse, but where we are now is providing most of the evolutionary acceleration for ourselves, the Source Entity and the Origin.

A change is due however. We need to move onwards and upwards for we are becoming infatuated with the sensations the physical gives us and are loosing our own base frequency as a result. The effort to increase our frequencies back to our “norm” is gaining pace. Earth, the centre of physical excellence, the only physical planet to have inhabitants of free will to work with it, is the focal point for this change. It may be hard to believe, but this one small physical entity, along with us, is pivotal in the effort to lift the universe from the physical frequencies. That is why there is more and more of us becoming aware of our true role in the universe, to experience and evolve.




“Not to love is not to live, or it is to live a living death. The life that goes out in love to all is the life that is full, and rich, and continually expanding in beauty and in power.”  R W Trine

The real journey in life, the real quest to find identity, belonging and meaning in our lives finds its fullest expression in love – there is no other way. In its purist form it’s the unifying source that makes us grow, that enlarges and enriches us beyond measure. It’s a connectedness that bonds us to others, that makes us feel part of something deeply special, an wholeness that is both nourishing and nurturing. Love, in all its manifest forms is all around us although we may not always be awake to its presence. It’s available to everyone, with no exceptions, if only we can open ourselves up to receive its gift. But what exactly is this love that we seek and how can we bring it more fully into our lives?  Firstly, there is love that flourishes in relationships ( notably with parents, partners, children, siblings, relatives, friends ) and hopefully we will all recognize and accept this as it does conform to widespread norms. But there also exists a much ‘ bigger ‘ love that which the ancient Greeks called agape. A divine, self- sacrificing, deeply thoughtful and reflective love that takes us beyond ourselves, and our immediate bonds, into a sacred space of universal connectedness and harmony  with humanity. What C S Lewis believed was the highest point of love that we could possibly attain – a giving, open hearted love that is focused, unselfishly, on the welfare of others. Many theologians have interpreted agape even more widely than this, for them it embraces a fully spiritual dimension that ultimately unites us with God.

Love, in all its infinite glory, is not really something we can go searching for, seeking out, hunting down as if on a chase .It is not so one-dimensional as this, for in reality all we can do is create the open and receptive conditions within our hearts and minds so that it can surface –  emerge deep from within us. Further, love cannot be contained, tied down within set, laid down limits because such confinement and restriction will stifle and diminish it. Love, a full-hearted, deeply nourishing love eventually expands and overflows to bless everyone. It has no choice – it’s that powerful. We are often told that in order to love others we must first love ourselves but this is not so simple as it seems. We must first ask ourselves are we living the life that is worthy of love?  Unfortunately not everyone behaves honorably, some may have been misguided and pursued unskillful lives that have hurt others, so perhaps this should be a time not to rush off and make premature demands but rather a time of reflection, of self examination which can offer up insights on new ways of being in this world thus putting aside previous inappropriate behaviours. This coming closer to the self, the real self, which may have been buried from view for a long time is truly a liberating experience that we should never, ever underestimate. And in this process redemption is never that far away. An healing which will eventually, in a genuine and authentic way, open up the channels of a fully awakened love.

There is no other journey, no other path to pursue. An all embracing love will give us all that we need in life to make us fulfilled and whole. Spiritually, it is totally inclusive and completes us like nothing else can. But paradoxically it can only be increased  if we can give it away, and the more we give it away the more we will receive it back ….. A spiritual truth of such profound significance that it quite takes the breath away. A sacred truth that defies our materialistic, reasoning minds. And if love is of such magnitude, such power can we, in all honesty, sacrifice our lives for anything less?

 by Michael Lewin

Is it necessary?

One of the biggest questions that puzzles those seeking to lead a spiritual life is the question of meat eating. There are those who believe in the often quoted saying of Jesus that, “it is not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what comes out “. One could further say that Christ recruited from non-vegetarian fishermen, but the only mention of meat in the bible did not refer to animal flesh, as meat in ancient Greek meant any solid food. Remember, Jesus was an Essene, and they were an ascetic sect who were not only vegetarian, but also taught reincarnation, and not transmigration as has been clamed in recent books.

The argument over vegetarianism has come up many times over the years, and has been tackled by occult authors Dion Fortune and Lobsang Rampa who both thought it made little difference. But their studies were carried out in the 1930s and the late 50s, and even 3 years back the subject was handled very badly by the medium’s newspaper Psychic News.

Recent tests by top universities in Britain found that by running the Bible through a bank of computers it was possible to detect that many alterations had crept in, as most have accepted over the centuries. So the present bible is not the original bible, and today’s Christians are far from the original Christians. Recent findings that the King James bible intentionally made alterations may not inspire confidence either. From the revised standard version in Genesis 1;29 “behold I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit, you shall have them for food”. This goes on to declare in Genesis 1;30 that no beast would prey on another, and flesh was an unlawful food, until after the flood when God said to Noah, “The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, unto your hand they are delivered, every moving thing that lives shall be food for you and as I gave you (in Genesis 1;29) the green plants, I give you everything, only you shall not eat the flesh with its life, that is its blood” Genesis, 9;2-4. Both flesh eaters and vegetarians alike use this passage to bolster their beliefs, but it is impossible to eat meat without consuming the blood it contains, its conclusions are obvious.

The Greek scholar Empedocles, summed up ecclesiastical thinking around the time of the early bible when he said “the original sin was the killing and eating of gods animals”. St. Francis of Assisi is recognised as one of Christianity’s holiest saints and he was a vegetarian hermit.

The commandment thou shalt not kill, is regularly fobbed off among Christians as meaning the killing of humans, but if this was the case the commandment would read “thou shalt not commit murder”. A ‘kill’ always refers to an animal. Christians also say Christ came to redeem humans not animals, yet there is no scriptural basis for this claim, and in fact all versions of the biblical record agree that Christ believed ‘all life is sacred’ and to ‘love thy neighbour’ – are not animals also our neighbours? Many Christian scholars claim animals have no souls and are lesser creatures, which may in part explain why animal cruelty is highest in Christian countries.

The Bhagavad-Gita Gita 9;26 also states, “if one offers me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water I will accept it”. This passage infers that God would not accept offerings of flesh, eggs or fish, yet milk is accepted. We read in Chapter 17 of the Bhagavatam about a fight between two kings over animal cruelty. Although the story can be seen in a figurative way, showing that this is the age of Kali or slaughter, a deeper meaning is visible to scholars suggesting that non harm or ‘Ahimsa’ is most necessary for spiritual progression

But Christ came for the Jews, it was only altering the doctrines to suit Roman tastes that ensured Christianity’s survival, and Roman Christianity was imposed on England in 664A.D at the Synod of Witby, though strangely this site is now a shrine to vampirism . . . However, early Christians maintained god had entrusted animals to our care and we would be judged on how we cared for others.

This is echoed in the holy Koran, every verse bar one starts with the words, “Allah is merciful and compassionate” and the prophet himself said “whoever is kind to animals is kind to god”. A growing tradition of rejecting meat has been gaining ground for a variety of reasons, even around the Islamic world. So we have a tradition in each major world religion where flesh eating is condemned except Christianity, but even here many enlightened folk are returning to the original Christian vegetarian concepts, such as in the Seventh day Adventists, and health surveys show a remarkable improvement among their followers.

Recent problems such as the B.S.E crisis, foot and mouth disease, the Stilbesterol scandal, and others that our government suppressed from us, show that spirituality could not be aligned to such a cruel and exploitative industry. The root problem is world-wide, wherever animals are reared for their flesh there is cruelty and abuse, factory farms with forced feeding and mass medication are just one instance. The British Medical Journal, among other medical periodicals, claim that 60% of all deaths in Britain are cardio-vascular related, and with the next biggest killer, Cancer, are both heavily linked to saturated fats consumption from meat. Certainly studies show vegetarianism does increase sensitivity and spiritual awareness, this is on record with training both motor racing teams and the intelligence services.

The Greek gospels of Thomas particularly, and Philip, say that Christ was, as many scholars have always said, a vegetarian, and if it was good enough for him, maybe it should be good enough for us.

The I AM Family of Light® Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2010

THEME and INTENTION for this 5th annual Event

“Are you REALLY ready to know and understand the TRUTH about 2012 and beyond?”  COME and experience the DEMONSTRATION of the ONE MIGHTY GREAT PRESENCE.

The Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray is leading all Dispensations upon the Earth and the “hour of demonstrating the One Mighty I AM Presence” has finally arrived. The intention throughout this coming weekend Event, is to greatly assist everyone in attendance to complete their conscious path of awakening and in doing so, to ultimately become The I AM Presence through their human form on Earth.

To facilitate this, included in the weekend schedule in October, will be seven 15 minute tremendously powerful healing frequency sessions – with the GREATEST POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE being offered to those in attendance. (There will be three on the Saturday and four on the Sunday – building and radiating throughout each day). This mighty healing frequency force will extend into ALL areas of the mental, emotional and physical  bodies and into the outer world and is new to the Earth!

2010 Guest Presenters:  Usa, Jayde, Mahara, Omashar, Roisha Ray, Janice, Beata, Armand and Angelina

All presentations will be beautifully and gracefully woven together during the two days, and will include many magnificent transmissions and discourses, tremendous healing frequencies and the demonstration of the ONE GREAT PRESENCE, delivered by The I AM Presence, Akasha  and the Great Host of Light, through the Accredited Messengers* Usa and Jayde. There will also be QUESTION and ANSWER sessions.

There are three major Dispensations* upon the Earth:

  1. The Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination anchored through the Ascended Jesus Christ Emmanuel some 2,000 years ago, offering Light, illumination and enlightenment.
  2. The Violet Ray, anchored through Saint Germain in the 1930’s, offering purification, transmutation and transformation and comes from the Heart Flame of our own Mighty I AM Presence, that dwells within and above us.
  3. The Rose Pink Ray of Divine, Love, Will and Grace, Heart and Soul – anchored through Akasha.

The AKASHIC RECORD – is the Divine Plan our I AM Presence has for each of us and the Greater Divine Plan for humanity and the Earth

The ETHERIC RECORD – is the record of the past that is stored in the ethers, sometimes considered the 5th element.  The Great Host of Light do not encourage human access to the Etheric Records of any past lives or events. It is essential to understand the significance that these records also store the accumulation of every occurrence of discord that has ever taken place on the earth and requires complete and total purification through the use of the SACRED FIRE.

Usa and Jayde are the Accredited Messengers* for Akasha and Asun and their Dispensation* of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, and through which all major Dispensations* of the Great Host of Light communicate.

In all the days forward now, the knowledge and messages being transmitted are ever more swift, advanced and dynamic.

AKASHA – is the overall authority of the Divine Mother’s Presence.

There are numerous Ascended Master Ladies of the spiritual hierarchy holding the Mother’s Presence, including Beloved Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Lady Nada.  However the overall authority is Mother Akasha, as she IS the Rose Pink Flame to the Earth, the Heart and Soul of the Divine Mother’s Presence from the Great Central Sun.

Dispensation* means permission from Source for a Cosmic intervention into the affairs of humanity

Accredited Messenger* there is no activity upon the Earth that gives the authority for an individual to be an Accredited Messenger, as this is the overall authority of the Great Divine Director, who approves those of the Great Host of Light who have found a voice in this world.   Out of approximately 1,200 self claimed channels for the Great Host of Light, a very small number are actually accredited.    There are currently less than 12 in the world, and this number includes Usa and Jayde.

For all information please contact:  44 (0) 1732 810 910 or 44 (0) 1892 864 860Email:

by Dolores CannonDolores Cannon

There have been many prophecies and visions of our future and the evolution of consciousness of our world. Dolores Cannon has been at the forefront of this investigation, researching what she calls the “lost knowledge”—the origins of life on Earth and throughout the universe. In this article she shares this information, which she admits is controversial: a view of planetary transformation that is both mind-bending and awe-inspiring.


My research in the field of hypnosis has taken me on unimaginable journeys through time and space to explore the history of the past and the possibilities of the future. When I first began my investigations through past life therapy, I thought I would only find people remembering lives on Earth, because naturally that was all we knew about. My belief system has really been stretched and extended over the past thirty years. As my work progressed, I was given a great deal of information about the beginning of life on Earth. I was told that this is the time for this knowledge to come forth. We are moving into a new world, a new dimension, where this information will be appreciated and applied.  During my work, I have heard much about everything being composed of energy; the shape and form is only determined by the frequency and vibration. Energy never dies; it only changes. I have been told that the Earth is changing its vibration and frequency and preparing to rise into a new dimension. There are countless dimensions surrounding us all the time. We cannot see them because as the vibrations speed up, they are invisible to our eyes. It is important for us to know more about this shift to a new dimension because it is coming soon.

Earth is a school that we go to and learn lessons, but it is not the only school. You have lived on other planets and in other dimensions. You have done many, many things you cannot even imagine. Many of the people I have worked with in the last few years have regressed to lifetimes where they were light beings living in a state of bliss. They had no reason to come into the Earth’s density and negativity. They volunteered to come to help mankind and the Earth at this time. I have encountered what I consider to be three waves of these new souls who are living on Earth. They have come at this time because most of those who have been here for lifetime after lifetime have become bogged down in karma and are not advancing. They have lost sight of the purpose for being here. The first wave of these souls, in their late 40s to early 60s now, had the most difficult time adjusting. They didn’t like the violence and ugliness they found in this world and wanted to return “home”—even though they had no idea, consciously, where that might be. The second wave is now in their late 20s and early 30s. They are moving through life much more easily. They are generally focused on helping others, creating no karma, and normally going unnoticed. The third wave is the new children, many of whom are now in their teens. They have come in with all the knowledge needed, on an unconscious level. Their DNA has already been altered and they are prepared to proceed with little or no problems. Some of these children are only nine or ten years old and have already graduated from college. They are forming organizations, and amazingly, these are organizations to help the children of the world!


In order to understand why these three waves of volunteers have come at this time, we have to go back to the beginning—the beginning of life on our world. I know this information is controversial, but when the same information has come to me over and over in thousands of regressions, I feel we cannot ignore it.  Eons ago there was no life on Earth. There were many volcanoes and the atmosphere was full of ammonia. The planet had to be changed for life to begin. In my research I learned that there are Councils that make the rules and regulations for creating life throughout the universe. There are Councils over the solar system, Councils over the galaxy, and Councils over the universe. It is a very ordered system. These higher beings go throughout the universe looking for planets that are suitable for life. They say that when a planet reaches the point where it can sustain life, it is a very momentous occasion in the history of that planet. It is given its Life Charter.

Then various groups of ETs or higher beings are given the assignment to go and begin life on that planet. These beings are called the Archaic Ones or the Ancient Ones. They have been doing this since the beginning of time. This does not put God out of the picture at all—He is very much in the whole picture. These beings first bring in single-cell organisms to get them to divide and form multi-cell organisms. It depends upon the conditions on each planet which organisms form. After they have seeded a planet, they go back to check on the cells from time to time over the eons. Often the cells do not survive, and they find the planet lifeless again. These beings have told me, “You have no idea how fragile life is.”

So down through time they did this on Earth, and life began to form. And after a time plants began to form, because you have to have plants before you can introduce animals.  As life began to develop, they kept coming back to see and care for it. They formed the oceans and cleansed the air so that various life forms could evolve. Eventually the higher beings began to create an intelligent being. This has happened on every planet; this is the way life is formed.  In my books, I have called these beings “keepers of the garden,” because we are the garden; we are their children. Now in order to create an intelligent being they had to take an animal with a large enough brain that it could begin to learn things, and one that had hands so it could develop tools. This is why they chose the ape. Some people don’t go along with this, but the truth is that we are 98% genetically compatible. You could give blood to an ape and it would live; that’s how close we are genetically. But even so, creating the human being required genetic manipulations and mixing in other cells and genes brought from all over the universe to create the different races. They said we will never find the missing link; it doesn’t exist. Our evolution jumped generations. It did not happen by random chance.

Over time, whenever something needed to be given to humanity, these beings would come and live with humans and give them what they needed. Every culture in the world has legends of the culture bringer. The Indians have the corn woman who taught them how to plant. There are legends of the ones who taught us about fire and how to develop agriculture. In all the legends of the world these beings come from the sky or from across the sea. These were the teachers, and they could live as long as they wanted. They are the ones who have come down to us as legends of gods and goddesses. It is still happening now, but they cannot live among us; they would be too conspicuous. So when they want to give us new ideas to speed up our evolution, they put them into the atmosphere. Whoever picks up on that idea is the one who will invent it. They don’t care who invents it as long as it is in the timeline. An example of this is free energy, which I am hearing in my travels that people are developing all over the world.


When an intelligent being was created on Earth, the Council decided to give us free will and see what we do with it. There are planets where there is no free will. The Star Trek directive of non-interference is very, very real. This is part of the Council’s directives: they cannot interfere with the development of an intelligent species. They can help by teaching us and giving us knowledge, but they cannot interfere. Even when we take what has been given to us and turn it into something destructive, they cannot interfere or tell us not to do it. We were supposed to be a perfect species that never got sick and could live as long as we want. Earth was supposed to be like a Garden of Eden, a perfect place, but something unexpected happened and changed the whole plan. When life was beginning to develop nicely, a meteorite hit the Earth and it brought bacteria that caused disease. This was the first time disease was introduced to the Earth. When this happened the beings overseeing Earth’s evolution went back to the Council. They asked what to do now that their perfect experiment was spoiled. There was great sadness. The question was whether to destroy everything and start over, or to allow life to continue to develop. The Council decided to let it go ahead and evolve because so much time and effort had been involved. They allowed it even though they knew, because of disease, that life on Earth would never be perfect as originally planned. These higher beings continued to observe our evolution from afar, but something happened in the 1940s that really caught their attention: the explosion of the atomic bomb. This is something we were not supposed to have at our stage of evolution. They knew we would not be able to control it, that we would use it for destruction. Destruction of the Earth would not be allowed because it would reverberate throughout the galaxies, disturbing too many planets and even life on other dimensions. It was during this time, at the end of the 1940s and beginning of the 1950s, that UFO sightings began to be publicized. The higher beings went back to the Council and asked what to do since they are not allowed to interfere with mankind’s free will. That is when the Council came up with what I think is a brilliant plan. They said, “We cannot interfere from the outside, but what about if we help from the inside?” It is not interfering when you ask for volunteers to come in and help. This is how the call was given throughout the universe for souls to come to help the Earth.

The people on Earth have been caught in the cycle of reincarnation, on the wheel of karma, for hundreds and hundreds of lives, coming back and making the same mistakes over and over again. We are supposed to be evolving but we are not. This was the main reason Jesus and the other great Prophets came to Earth: to teach people how to get off the wheel of karma, to help humanity to evolve. But we are still making the same mistakes over and over again: creating wars and so much violence. So the people on Earth were not going to be able to save the Earth. It needed pure souls who are not caught in the wheel of karma, who have never been to Earth before.  In the last five years of my work I am finding more and more souls who have come directly from God. I have had people go back to where they were ETs, to where they were on other dimensions, to where they were light beings and did not need a body. The volunteers who come have a sheath or cover over their souls so they cannot accumulate karma, because once they accumulate karma they have to be reborn again and again. Now there are tens of thousands of these new souls all over the world, and the higher beings have said they don’t have to worry about us destroying the Earth. They say we have finally tipped the balance. We are going to be able to save the world. I have asked to know what God is. They said that our conception is just a tiny thread of what He truly is. We cannot even begin to conceptualize what He is. They all describe God in the same way: He is not a man—if anything He would have been a woman, because women are the creative force. But God is neither man nor woman. He is a huge Source of all energy, described as an immense Fire or Light. Some call God the Great Central Sun, a huge energy Source, and yet so full of love, total love. One being described the Source as “The heart of the Sun. The heart of God.” When the pure beings who have come directly from God go back to the Source, they do not want to leave. This is where we all began; we were originally one with this Source. The souls who have come directly from God say that there is no separation; it is all one. I have asked, if you loved it so much, why did you come? They all said the same thing: “I heard the call.” Even the ones who are ETs have said the same thing. And when they come in, like all of us, their memories are erased. I have asked, wouldn’t it be easier if we remember why we have come? They said it wouldn’t be a test if you knew the answers.


The question has been asked whether there will be a fourth wave. It will not be necessary because something else is going to happen: we are moving into a New Earth—the first time it has ever happened in the history of the universe. Many civilizations have perished down through history because of man. Atlantis was one example but there were many others. Each of these civilizations had tremendous advances. They had psychic abilities; they could do anything with their minds. The men of those times wanted more—power and greed—so eventually they violated the laws of the universe and they had to be brought down. Each time this happened, some humans were left to start civilization over again. This has happened time after time after time. The higher beings say we must understand this because we are reaching that point again. They do not want to have to destroy humanity, so they came up with this idea that has never been done before: the New Earth. The Earth is going to evolve to a higher dimension whether it takes us with it or not. It is a living being. If we want to go with it, our vibrations have to match the new vibrations. And beings all over the universe are watching us to see—are we going to be able to pull this off? Many civilizations have disappeared from the Earth without a trace. Among these are the Mayans, the Anasazi, and many others.

During regressions I have had people go back to those times. Each of these ancient cultures evolved spiritually to a point that their entire civilization moved into a higher dimension. The Mayans saw that the next great advancement was going to be when the entire world would shift into a higher dimension. This is what they saw happening in 2012. It is not the end of the world; it is when the entire world moves into a new dimension. The transition began around 2003. The culmination is going to be in 2012. Time is speeding up. Earth’s frequencies and vibrations are changing. But not everyone is going to go, just as it says in the Bible: “Then two shall be in the field; the one will be taken, the other left.” It is very real. When the transformation reaches its peak in 2012 the energy becomes so strong it will push the Earth into the new dimension. There will not be anything dramatic; it will be very subtle, very slow, and only those who are really aware will know anything is happening. Things will look different and feel different. The old Earth is where we are going to have all the catastrophes, and these are going to increase because the Earth is lifting itself as it shifts. You cannot change your frequency or vibration immediately; it would be too strong and would destroy your body. It has to be done in stages. Many of us can sense on another level of our being that something is happening. With the changes subtly going on around us, our physical bodies must also change in order to adjust. Some of these physical symptoms are unpleasant and cause concern. Just be aware of what is happening: the body is adjusting and adapting to different energy levels so it can move on.


As the New Earth is formed, when you first cross over, you will be in your physical body. Eventually over time it will turn into a light body, just the way these other beings are. My subjects are being told that they must change their diet in order to make the adjustment into the new world. You have to be lighter. Heavy foods will hold you to the old Earth. They have said many times that the ideal foods are live foods: fresh fruits and vegetables. Lighter foods will allow you to change your vibration and the frequency more easily.  They say to stay away from sugar, and to drink lots and lots of water; the true value of water is unfathomable. Many people have asked, “What am I supposed to be doing?” We are here to help each other, being there for each other. There are two things that we have to get rid of in order to go to the New Earth: negative karma and fear. There is good karma and negative karma. As long as you are bogged down with negative karma, you are going to remain on the old Earth, because the way the law of karma is set up, you must repay it. Too many people are caught up in negative karma and do not know how to release it. That is the reason why new souls had to come, because they don’t have karma, and they can help others to release theirs. You have had many lifetimes with the same people, going over the same circumstances and not resolving it. Until you can stop that cycle and get off of the wheel of karma, you are not going to be able to evolve upward. The way to get rid of negative karma is to forgive and let go. Some of my clients have said, “I can’t forgive them, you don’t know what they did to me.” That is what makes people sick: holding on to this baggage and garbage and not letting it go. You have to let it go because it is not hurting the other person, it is only hurting you.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is forgive. Now, sometimes that is difficult to do face to face with the person. And sometimes the person with whom you have negative karma has died. You don’t have to face the person to ask for forgiveness and to forgive them; you can do it mentally. Picture the person in your mind and just speak to him or her mentally. Focus on the person and send your forgiveness and love. Everything comes back to love. It all goes back to your treating others as you would want to be treated yourself. It begins to turn to the vibration of love and that is the most powerful thing there is. Now, the second thing you have to do after that is to forgive yourself, which is also very difficult. People are always good at blaming others without looking at themselves. It takes two to create a situation. Even though you consider yourself to be the victim, you’re still a part of the whole thing, perhaps even from a previous lifetime. You have to look deep inside to be able to see and accept your part in the circumstances, and then forgive yourself. Release it and let it go. It has no place in your life any more. The second most important thing they say you have to do if you want to go to the New Earth is let go of fear. Fear is a paralyzing emotion. It’s the strongest emotion a human has. If you don’t understand something you are going to be afraid of it. Fear drags you down and holds you back. If you have love there is no fear, but many people live their entire lives in fear. There is so much on TV, in movies, and elsewhere trying to generate fear. You have to think for yourself and ask lots of questions. Make up your own mind.  Then what you come up with will be your truth. Most of the time what we fear never happens anyway. Fear is so powerful that when you think of something on and on, through the law of attraction you draw that very thing toward you. You have to get rid of fear because it is debilitating and binding; it will hold you to the old Earth. Meditation is very helpful. They say the best time to meditate is just before the sun comes up, when all the Earth is quiet and still. Any time that you can set aside for yourself to be quiet, alone, and just relax will be beneficial. Then ask your questions and listen for your answers.

At a recent conference I attended, Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary’s Message to the World, described a vision she had of this transformation. She saw the Earth sphere begin to pull apart, like a cell when it divides in two, and then it separated into two Earths. And on the New Earth she heard them saying, “We did it, we did it!” On the old Earth she heard them saying, “Poor thing, she died believing all that.” One group is not even going to be aware that anything has happened. I would like to end with a quotation from my book, Convoluted Universe Book Three, a message given during a session with one of the souls who have come directly from God  “You are God. It is given to you to manifest your God beingness. Open your God self, and allow the light to enter. From within, will come such light. It will manifest from the very core of your being. The world which you envision is already inside of you. You are not moving to another planet. You are breaking out of your shell. This planet—this shell—is bringing forth that light. It is given to you to enter your light fully, fully and to draw it out. And to say, I AM LIGHT. Nothing in God’s beingness can exist without the permission of God. I say to you, YOU ARE GODS. YOU ARE THE LIGHT!”

© 2010 by Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge.” She has been specializing in past-life therapy since 1979. She is the author of fifteen books and has made over 1000 radio appearances. She travels all over the world teaching her unique technique of hypnosis and bringing the message of the coming New Earth. This article was compiled from an interview with Dolores Cannon by Light of Consciousness, as well as her DVD, Awaken, from a November 2009 lecture in Long Beach, CA, and her books The Convoluted Universe Book Two and Book Three.

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by Father Peter Bowes

Having a spiritual community accelerates your personal growth in ways you cannot imagine. The idea of being with spiritually-minded people who care about the same things and are dedicated to deepening their relationship to God is exciting for some and possibly scary for others. It can be exhilarating and inspiring because it increases the chances that you will see reflected in the eyes of others the real impact of your feelings, motives and intentions. It is almost impossible to not be noticed when people are dedicated to being real and honest in relationship. Your actions and feelings are registered by others and known in ways you may not be used to in other group situations. People dedicated to grow and learn spiritually are intent on awareness, consciousness and responsible interactions so they are not inclined to be fake or phony. Fakeness is typical in most non-spiritual communities since easy cordialities are the norm while deep, meaningful interchanges are rare and may be even feared. Some people can be frightened when anyone probes deeply into what they are feeling or thinking. Most people live in such isolated recesses that friendly interest is seen as an unwelcome intrusion into the substantially imagined privacy of their inner world.

In spiritual community, individuals are welcomed to share their true feelings in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Patience is the overriding norm where people are given the freedom to grow and change without feeling pressured or forced to conform to other people’s concepts of how they are to be. The focus of spiritual community is centeredness on God, the Divine Source, and peaceful relationship with sisters and brothers. The most important feature of spiritual community is honesty. Honesty about one’s feelings and motives is essential to the health of the community. Honesty means you tell it like it is without being mean to yourself or others. Honesty with oneself involves speaking openly about your feelings and having the courage to accept the feedback from members of the community in return. Honesty means you are saying how it is for you at the moment and not glossing things over to make them look better or tearing things down to get sympathy from other people. Since everyone is dedicated to being genuine and honest, there is no backstabbing or power trips displayed for or against members of the community. Only in an atmosphere of honesty and mutual respect can real spiritual community thrive. The spiritual communities that seem most successful are those where there is a central, defining leadership with clear expectations of boundaries and spiritual aspirations. Spiritual community is not for the weak or unstable as they will make other members into their parents or demonize those who are confident. People who have not worked through the basics of how to take care of themselves and be responsible are actually not ready for a real spiritual community. For those who are ready, it can be tremendously life-changing and transformative.

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Blue Ray through Shekina Rose

My beloved star brother and sisters, we stand with you in joy and jubilee as we celebrate a discovery that will bring a monumental shift of light and transformation to your life and world. The rediscovery of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, a breakthrough scientific revelation, a musical divine gift of the heavens is being restored to you and humanity. 33

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Codes of Creation that were rediscovered in 1998 are now becoming activated in a stronger resonance field with Gaia and in your DNA and will bring awareness to the masses and you the Light bearers. A profound shift to the Divine Mother Frequencies of Harmonics is creating an Electromagnetic Unity Field of Consciousness to ensure that the Codes of Creation – the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – will be used for the highest good of humanity and earth. 13 –13 –2013

Sound Codes of the Ancients

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies were the Original Sound Code Frequencies of Creation used by the ancient Egyptians and Hathors, in Lemuria and Atlantis, and in the Ancient Gregorian Chants. They were sung during religious masses, by holy men and indigenous people. Your scientists and doctors have given them specific mathematical sequences of creation; we in heaven and of the stars call these frequencies the “Language of Light”, the matrix of Creation, which will shift your world to a state of peace and harmony. 333

It has been prophesied through the prophets and ancient texts that when the dimensional shift at the end of time occurs, many revelations and sacred tools of the ancients would be restored and revealed to assist you in the new golden age. 13 – 333 – 44

The Lost Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – the Core Creative Frequencies of God Being Returned to Humanity are:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

There will be more frequencies / vibrations of the matrix and ancient sacred tools of the Creator that will be rediscovered as the Cosmos aligns to the Galactic center. When the vibrational frequency of surrender 11:11 is discovered, it will signal that humanity has risen to a higher level of consciousness.13

Transmuting Damaged DNA, Toxins, Pollution and Negativity

The Solfeggio Frequencies are the ancient sacred tools of technology and alchemy being given to you from the heavens to restore balance and healing to all of life 55.These frequencies can transmute damaged DNA, toxins, pollution and negativity to the natural divine order of Harmony and to Source Creation. 333 From now on whatever you see happening in your world, no matter how dismal it may appear at first, know the power of Creation to transform all lies within you.

How Your Scientists are Using Lost Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies 44

Some of your scientists and doctors who have rediscovered the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies are using them and the frequency 528 Hz to repair human DNA. We wish to point out the Solfeggio 528 Hz tone of Love, Miracles and Transformation vibrates to the ancient musical scale of “C” and in your current culture is the closest of the diatonic scale of C that has a frequency of 512 Hz. They are not the same but the closest that you have today to compare. The frequencies of the Solfeggio tones carry the direct power of God’s instant divine healing and creation.

How did the Solfeggio Frequencies get lost?

Just as many of your sacred texts have been changed and kept secret to keep you from having the holy power of God and the universe, so was the original musical scale of Creation. This was done so that the general population would be denied access to their true birthright – the divine original blueprint. These Codes of the Creator keep active and by vibrating your cells of God they can create a world filled with peace and love where the power elite would not have control. 33

Your world can be easily controlled and manipulated without your vibrational cellular resonance to Creator. In other words, your cells are supposed to naturally vibrate to Source Creation. This is what the beings of power at the time wanted and were able to do at the time. The dimensional shift, taking place now, will bring everything out in the open so mankind can choose love and sovereignty once again.

You, the Light bearer, and star seeds carry these holy frequencies within and recognize them, 11:11 as you have used them in other worlds and dimensions. You are and have been spontaneously awakening to the Language of Light through the sound code frequencies you hear in your inner ear those that come from the higher realms, through holy sound and music, singing, toning and sacred geometry. 44

It is not only through the voice that these frequencies are awakening. It is through your complete resonance, as you continue on your path of ascension, you naturally align your frequencies to heaven and the light. As you become more proficient at using the ancient Solfeggio frequencies through singing and listening to them, you will be able to use and transfer these transmissions of light through your hands and throughout your entire beingness. 11:11

Singer of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

The ones who sing in the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, the Language of Light, do this by an inner hearing, intoning Heaven’s Language of Light Frequency that creates a stronger vibrational bridge for Gaia and all of life. 55 These beings that sing in the notes of the Ancient Solfeggio bring blessings of health, harmony and oneness of Spirit. Listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies can awaken and attune you to this supreme gift of Spiritual Wholeness.  444

Heaven and the High Councils of Light Have Given this Gift to You and Humanity

There are scientists that have created new DNA that are not in alignment with the Light and Creation. The importance of giving you these pure frequencies of Creation is so you may hold the integrity of your humanity, Light and God Connection, the Divine Original Blueprint. The Highest Councils and Hierarchy of Light are restoring this holy knowledge to humanity in this sacred way. 22

A clarion call in the one voice of prime Creator is awakening you at your core cellular level so may respond vibrationally to actualize this Harmonic Bridge of Heaven’s Song. 88

Gathering of the Light Bearers in the Concert of Souls to Heal the Planet

You will come together to heal your planet, to transmute and transcend negativity and pollution, thus restoring Light and balance to Earth. These gatherings will be the reenactment of the Concert of Souls. The Concert of Souls is also called in Earth terms the big bang, when the Star Seeds and Light Bearers came to Earth from the many Planets, Galaxies and Universes of Creation. It was the Language of Light, the Solfeggio Frequencies, that the Ancient Beings of Light, the Creator Gods, used in creating Earth and Human Form, bringing the Souls of Light to Gaia. 44 From that time in your history numerous genetic experiments have occurred that altered the Divine Original Blueprint of Humanity’s God essence.

These Frequencies of the Solfeggio Codes of Creation will assist you in establishing the new man of Light at the dimensional shift of time and space. 12:12 The new man of light 13 is not new; it may be new to these times, yet it is your true sacred holy origin emerging from your core essence that was created in the image of the Gods, the cosmos, the light and stars, and in divine love.

Yes, we are one with thee; your Star Family of Stars and Light in the many realms, dimensions, and Universes of Ascended Light are empowering you now and we are coming together in the one voice of Creation, the song of Heaven. 22 The time of miracles is now!!!

Copyright © by Shekina Rose of – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

Blessings of the holiest of light, this gives me pure delight of my heart to bring forth this transmission, I have so been waiting for it to come. As I am in sort of a trance when I channel and I could barely keep up with all the activation of number sequences being downloaded, and there were many sacred High Councils, Beings of Light, the Archangels Michael, Rachel, Gabriel, and Metatron, and Shekina and Gaia (many of their personal codes are in this transmission), the Heavenly Hierarchy were all present for this channel to be created here on Earth. The Light Codes of the Archangels in this transmission are actually protecting and empowering this knowledge so all the Light Bearers wherever they are in the world will receive and be awakened by it.

And how wonderful that science is validating the Light! Shekina Rose

Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Shekinah, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.



through Jay Atkinson (Solomon Speaks) 11th May 2010

Scalar wave movement is not like anything you have ever experienced. It really is boldly going where no man has gone before. I came across this process whilst researching something entirely different on the Internet today. And I drew a deep gasping breath when I found it, because this stuff was what I was waiting to hear about.

The more you break down the old patterns of thinking and leap into the unknown of the Eternal Now, you will be aiding and assisting the Planet in her ascension process. She is currently experiencing the breaking up of energy and the transmutation and transformation of the old, ready to prepare the ground for the new. We are all being encouraged to think outside the box, break up the rules and make new ones and we are seeing the breakdown of old energy patterns and old ways in the same way we might witness a Supernova. Every energy form in the Omniverse is subject to this transformative and transmutational process. When energy is just about at its zenith, it brightens, expands rapidly and then explodes or implodes upon itself. And we are left with the Zero Point field of that particular energy. Zero Point. Nothing and everything at one and the same time.

It is no surprise that scalar energy is evidenced in VOLCANIC PUMICE. What is going on here? On Planet Earth right now, we are being literally grounded (stopped in our tracks) by VOLCANIC ASH from Icelandic volcanic eruptions, and Iceland is indeed acting as our birth mother and midwife. Her gentle feminine energy is pulsing through the very core of the planet and breathing out clouds of FAIRY DUST! In the fusion of glacial melt water and volcanic ash, the creation is of fine particles of scalar wave energy. On the gentle breath of the Earth as she breathes in and out, is the mist of creation. New creation. There is not an atom of life in this space time reality we call Earth that will be untouched by this amazing energy because everything on the planet including the planet herself is experiencing shifting and changing processes. When a system or belief no longer serves the Higher Purpose, it (as with all things) has a shelf life. Although all is eternal, the way in which energy performs and processes itself is mutable. In other words, when an energy form has come to the end of its purpose – to cause contrast either for the positive or the negative, it is ready to be recycled (that is the simple way of putting it!)  

These are the times of Making up your Own Reality. This Scalar energy helps us to do just that.

We were not ready for it before now. The human race had, largely, disconnected from Source and thus the split (sometimes referred to as the Fall from Grace) occurred. The more disconnected the human being from his Source, the wider the gap, the denser the veils and the denser the energy surrounding the thinking and operating of those on the planet. In this way, when miracles did occur and those enlightened beings occasionally brought new technology to the planet, they were ridiculed, ruined, castigated, mistrusted and even killed. Tesla suffered this, and so did Jesus and many others whose energy vibration was operating on a much faster rate than the energy vibration of many on the planet. When we see a miracle, such as a crop circle, we question it. Because we don’t understand the technology that produces these amazing patterns without damage to the actual plants of the crops, we prod and poke and question and attack and defend. Rarely do we simply ACCEPT. 

I believe that crop circles are more than portals or vortices of energy. I believe they are forming the pattern of a new blueprint for the planet. This blueprint is encoded with new DNA activation codes, and other quantum cellular level information. All those who are drawn to crop circles are those who are aware at a deeper level of their being, of their place in the bigger picture. And of course, they are ridiculed as being ‘away with the fairies’ by the mainstream ‘head energy’ people! Bless them. Crop circles are evidence of this ‘Star Trek’ technology we call Scalar Technology. Up to now, the general consensus seems to be that crop circles are Extra Terrestrial, and are portals or vortices or whatever. It is my considered feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before manifestation can occur, whether you are manifesting a box of chocolates or a new world, the vibration of thought is sent out in to the ethers. The manifestation occurs instantly. But then, as with all things, a journey of lining up with begins. It is entirely possible to manifest instantly, anything at all. However, when you are talking about bigger manifestations, there are billions of other factors that are brought into play… this need not concern you now, but suffice to say that with a crop circle, for instance, the process of creation and manifestation has already begun. The imprint of the blueprint is visible before other manifested parts of the whole appear. It is not a lot different to the conception and birth process of human beings… only much, much bigger!

Because Scalar waves move in every perceivable direction known to man, and in some ways unknown to man as yet, they are able to transmute and transform and change things in a way that is not destructive to the creation process. Most things on your planet have to be smashed and broken and bent and misshapen during in the creative process. In order to build something, something else has to be broken, in other words. For example, to get stone from a quarry, you use explosives or some other such devices to blast your way into the rock face. The new technology is not like this. It is very much gentler and works in harmony with all. Scalar energy will transform how the creative process moves forward. Scalar waves are the building blocks of transmutation and instant manifestation and creation at its very best.

I questioned why I hadn’t been able to know about this before. As a translator of Source Energy, I wondered why I didn’t know everything!  Even though this energy form has been around for a long, long time, it has only just come to my notice. I believe this is because of my own evolutionary process. I wasn’t ready before. I am now more consciously aware of my ability to deliberately co-create my life, moment by moment, and the more I become aware of and utilise this energy, the broader my perspective becomes. In fact, the more I know of me, the more I know of me. I am an ever expanding energy being, and the more expansive I become, the more I can contain and absorb. I also believe that we have to align our energy with the energy vibration of other things in order to integrate new stuff into our energy field. When I speak to my lovely people in gatherings and seminars, I impart the level of wisdom I have attained vibrationally. I cannot impart the knowledge and wisdom of a place I have not reached myself. It would be like going to another country and expecting to speak the language instantly. This is possible, by some, but not me! I am still expanding and growing and learning my craft! 

However, it is not enough to simply know about something. We can be very ‘knowledgable’ about much, without Knowing anything. We can read books but we don’t become them. In other words, in order to include it in your vibration, you have to be a match to it. So the old saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears’ supports my feelings because until you are ready, vibrationally, you cannot know that which is beyond your knowing. And what that means is, when you have brought yourself into alignment with your Inner Being and your Source (broader perspective, infinite wisdom part of you) by paying attention to how you feel and by moving only in the direction of those processes that support your happiness, joy and growth, you will have aligned with the technology of the ‘future’.  Cleaning up your act, as the planet is doing right now, will disturb and unsettle things, but when the dust has settled, a new blueprint for humanity, and thus the Cosmos, will be in operation. 

The way is being cleared for a magnificent new way of life and living. 

All that was before is being undone, and now is the stuff of miracles. You will not need banks (old energy, breaking up as we speak) because your vibrational escrow is so vast you need never want for anything ever again. You simply include it in your vibration, and align with the scalar wave energy (done in a thought, no process necessary) and what you need will be delivered to you in ways you can not imagine.

Manifestations will occur daily, as you learn to ask, and then line up with what you want. Anything is possible and anything can happen, IF YOU LET IT!

So, break all those rules. Make new ones that entirely suit you. Teachers will appear like stars in the sky for those who are ready to learn. Cast off the past, and step into the Now, and create your perfect tomorrow, step by step by step, trusting in the process.

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Paradigm Shift Magazine - Issue 52